Jul 12th

“I choose peace” is my mantra

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I came to yoga about 2 years ago here at Nourishing Storm. I had just a little exposure to yoga before I came here. I started yoga mainly to help with my flexibility and hopefully get some peace of mind. From my first Saturday class with Megan I felt welcome by everyone. This is truly a judgment free zone. I have found a place where I can go to help my body, mind and spirit. There are days when I’m struggling with just life in general and going to yoga helps because it is  totally a positive experience. I walk out of the studio feeling much better than when I walked in. I like the mix of instructors and what each brings to their class.

I have become stronger physically and this helps on a daily basis with my job and also with doing day to day tasks around  the house. I like to hike and yoga has helped me with the physical part but also has made me slow down and  appreciate the beauty in nature. I plan to get to some of Kristin’s SUP yoga this coming summer , sounds like it will be another great experience.

“I choose peace” is my mantra for now.


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Jul 11th

Healing Journey (Motivate): Don’t Let the Beat Drop

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My motivation waxes and wanes like the moon. She moves like the tides of the sea.
I’ve dug into the safe shores of what I know, yet she lures me to explore what can be.
I’ve danced to her song for so long now. Patiently I’ve waited for the words
That I’m not sure exist. And I wonder if she sings like the birds
Who call to me in my mornings and I can answer back if I am drawn to the tune
But the words will have to be of my own making and I’m mindful not to sing too soon.
Motivation has taught me patience. It has taught me to hold space for my soul
Though I want her to to give me my answers, I must find them myself to be whole.
Anchored in the truth I have found, I trust the winds to bring the next strains
And the winds are not always gentle, but after each storm what remains
Are the pieces of me that are strongest. The pieces I need to sing true.
She finds them and stirs them with purpose. She moves me to be someone who
Will know my words well before singing so I may sing them with all I possess
For this life deserves all I can give it, and she inspires me to give nothing less.
It’s okay that I don’t have all my words yet. I’m soft enough to allow myself this grace
I trust in the unseen way of the soul and understand it moves at its own pace
I will sing what I know so far and accept the song may never be complete
But if I keep singing my truth, I know she will keep offering the beat.

Nikki is a Mother, Wife, Healer, Hopeful Suburban Homesteader acknowledges words are her mind’s tools; writing her soul’s craft; and this circus of life her heart’s muse. Read more from Nikki here on her blog, The Way I Bee. Nikki’s massage therapy and energy healing, including reiki/cranio with some spontaneous journey work, are part of the offerings at Nourishing Storm Wellness Company.

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May 30th

A little angel in my kindergarten class led me … where the real shifts began!

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The first time I tried yoga, I didn’t like it. Not even a little!

I dropped out of the class after a few sessions, thinking I was better off running or doing something different that burns more calories. I had NO idea how WRONG I was until years later.

Over time I began having issues with stress and high blood pressure. The word yoga began resurfacing over and over again in my world. The most obvious sign was the free yoga sessions offered at work, taking place in a room right next to my classroom. 😊 After giving it another try, I couldn’t have been more amazed with the positive results. I knew this was the start of something very good for me but it wasn’t until a little angel in my kindergarten class led me to Nourishing Storm, where the real shifts began.


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May 18th

Healing Journey: (Devote) Care of the Soul

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I don’t know why I had such a hard time with this theme. I thought it was going to be so easy. I’m devoted to Truth. No question. That has been my journey these last few years. I made it part of my spiritual practice to devote each year to something I wish to cultivate then take these monthly themes within the broader context of my intention. I started 3 years ago. I started with Unconditional Love and Compassion – to me they come from the same lineage of energy so I merged them. There is no unconditional love without compassion.


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Apr 16th

I find that, on my yoga mat

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To the left: Tina (our NS Team Member of the month;
To the right: Sue (our Yogi of the Month)

What I like most about yoga is that it is a journey.  There is no stress in practicing if you just remember that every day is a journey, and every class is an opportunity – to be present, to grow, to challenge yourself, and to take time to take care of yourself.  And, sometimes, taking time to take care of yourself is the challenge.

My whole life has been about a journey – always moving, changing jobs, changing environments, working to change my existing world.  I embrace that, but it can be overwhelming, and you can feel that your journey is going nowhere. Slowing down, and finding direction, is important on your journey, and I find that on the yoga mat.  Sometimes you think you are going nowhere, fast, and what you have to figure out is what is blocking you. I find that, on my yoga mat.

I have practiced yoga for a very long time, but when I first moved to Hatboro in 2005, my practice lapsed because I couldn’t find a local place that I liked.  When Nourishing Storm came to town and my husband John was also interested in checking out yoga for the first time, we went together, and both of us found a path – paths that cross but aren’t exactly the same.  As I’ve recommitted to practicing yoga in the past few years, the instructors at Nourishing Storm have really helped me take my practice deeper, to take my journey in new directions. The mindfulness incorporated into every class helps me to slow down and turn inward.  And I have loved the opportunity to go off in new yoga directions – yoga hikes, yoga dance!!

As a fairly shy person, I feel like I have found a welcoming community at Nourishing Storm. On my yoga journey, the yogis at Nourishing Storm are my guides, my source for inspiration and motivation, and my friends.   -Sue

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