Jun 27th

Shining with love, hope and light!

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A little over a year ago I walked into Nourishing Storm during a very sad time in  my life.  I was 33 years old, newly diagnosed with breast cancer and recovering from a bilateral mastectomy. My hope was that yoga might help with my recovery, especially the newly acquired stiffness in my arms and chest.  Little did I know, that day was the very first step on my new path to much more than just physical recovery. After a health and wellness consultation with Kristin and reading many books she recommended, I realized that I was looking at cancer and life in general in the wrong light. Practicing yoga and meditation has helped me clear my mind and trust my intuition while building my confidence.  Since that first step was taken, I have been on a holistic journey with yoga as my foundation and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the amazing people at Nourishing Storm that have walked this path with me!  Fast forward to a year later and my life is simply amazing as my husband and I are expecting our first baby!  8 months pregnant and I’m still strong enough to do not only one, but three chaturangas!  Yoga has pulled me out of my comfort zone and onto a beautiful new path that shines with love, hope and light!

– Aracelis

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Apr 30th

Finding time that I somehow didn’t know I had …

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” As a wife, mother, RN and CCM, I am much more comfortable taking care of others rather than myself. Firmly in middle age and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, I was well aware of the gamble that I was taking with my future health. Then, a wonderful friend asked if I could come with her to Nourishing Storm. I had never done yoga and was still fairly skeptical after signing up for the 30 day introductory offering. Well, that was about 8 months ago. I typically go now about three times a week to one of the yoga classes – finding time that I somehow didn’t even know I had. I have now tried a variety of their classes, even meditation, and dream of the day that I can do a crow pose. Everyone is welcoming, kind and thoughtful. I cannot believe how quickly my fitness level has risen even with the beginner classes and some shifts have definitely occurred with my perspective on life in general. I was even pleasantly surprised when my husband asked me a few months into my yoga practice if he could come to a class noting how he saw me benefiting and was intrigued for himself. Finally, besides the fun and inviting studio and cafe atmosphere, I would be remiss if I did not mention that they also make an amazing espresso!”
– Pattie
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Feb 10th

Yogi of the Month: Doing Something for Yourself

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IMG_9297“I started my yoga journey December 2015.   August of that year my son had left for college and being a single Mom my life was quickly changing around me.  My life was always on the go as my son played football and we were always busy with games, practice and life.  When he was getting ready to leave for college I thought to myself what am I going to do with myself?

As parents we put ourselves on the back burner? He was leaving home and I had to adjust quickly.  I came home from work every day I would go to my parents and help them around the house but something was missing. My friend suggested that we start to take yoga classes at Nourishing Storm.  I thought I don’t know how to do yoga but I would give it a try.  We went together for the first week and loved it.

I realized in life that if we do not do something for ourselves we lose ourselves in the everyday way of life.  

My life has forever changed thanks to Kristin and Megan.  I now have accepted that my son is at school and now have somewhere to go and feel good about myself.  When you are at Nourishing Storm you feel good about yourself and everyone around you.  As soon as you walk through the door there is a positive force that comes over you and you feel like you are at your home away from home.  I am grateful every day that I started yoga and have met many new friends along the way!”

– Christine

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Aug 17th

Meet Angela

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NS_Yogini_AngelaWhen I was ten months old, I contracted viral encephalitis, swelling of the brain, from a mosquito bite. The illness left me with a significantly weaker right side and dystonia in my right side. The best way I can describe dystonia is uncontrollable muscle contortions. These 2 conditions had left me perpetually sore and stiff. At 30 it was getting difficult to walk. That was a huge wake up call for me. I had always been curious about yoga and decided to give it a shot.

I started practicing yoga with a woman on YouTube in March and found Nourishing Storm about 6 weeks later. Going to class was scary for me at first. I struggle with feeling self conscious about the difficulties many poses present to me. Everyone is always so welcoming and non judgmental. I immediately felt welcomed.

Yoga has changed my life. My right side is stronger than I ever knew it could be.

I am finding harmony with, what one woman described as, the uncontrollable energy that is perpetually coursing through the right side of my body. I quit smoking cigarettes in April. But more than anything yoga has changed the way I think.

Yoga is a journey. It’s not about what you can and can’t do. It’s not about getting to the perfect handstand. The benefits of a pose can be reaped whether you are ready for the cover of some yoga magazine or if you are struggling to maintain your own version. We are all learning and growing and changing together. I am learning to embrace my body as powerful and strong and beautiful exactly as it is at this moment. My hope is that as we practice yoga, we will push ourselves past our limits and learn how strong we truly are, and we would also take the time to be kind to ourselves. To love ourselves. To be grateful to whatever power we claim for the bodies we have been given and the amazing things they can do. And that we would tend to our spirits with the same care and diligence that we use with our bodies.

– Angela

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May 18th

Allowing myself to be Happy!

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20160514_074015_resizedA self-proclaimed gym rat, I have spent most of my mornings over the past 11 years teaching spin class, swimming, running and weight training. I weighed myself every morning, took measures of myself, counted every calorie. I ran the Tough Mudder, the Spartan and a few other races. I was constantly pushing myself to be thinner, fitter and stronger. No matter how much I did I was never satisfied, never happy with my progress. I needed a change.

On March 25, 2013, my favorite person in the entire world, my Grandmom Honey, died. She was the loveliest and most caring person in the world. If I had a bad day or felt sick, I would go visit her. Just being in her house, sitting at her kitchen table or sharing a dessert she made, always helped to make things so much better. Being with her was like being under a big umbrella protecting you from the terrible storms that you were going through.

Through the first year, I thought about getting a tattoo to honor her. I found the quote from Vivian Greene “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It is about learning to dance in the rain.” Whatever stresses, battles or difficulties, I was dealing with, the best decision is to smile, to dance in the rain and to jump in puddles with both feet. I decided to create my own tattoo. It is an umbrella with 5 panels, each panel has a letter to spell out HONEY and the handle of the umbrella is made of the words “Dancing in the Rain.”

I have always been intrigued by yoga. This past September, I started going into the aerobics room at my gym on my mornings off to do yoga with the assistance of YouTube. I was in love. I wanted to learn more and do more. I started researching and talking to friends who were taking yoga about different yoga studios. Nourishing Storm was right in Hatboro, my hometown since birth, so I was excited to check out the website.

While viewing the gratitude page, I noticed several pictures of students in front of the “quote” wall. I did a double take, enlarged the picture on my computer screen because I have 45-year-old eyes. There was my quote, right in the middle of the studio.

This is where I belonged. There are signs everywhere that point you to your path and my path was to Nourishing Storm. My Grandmother knew it.

Nourishing Storm is more than a yoga studio, it is a home. I have found old friends and made new ones but most importantly I have found myself. There are days that I just need to get there, just be in that space just like when I just needed to sit at my Grandmother’s kitchen table.

Since I joined the studio in February, I have discovered my heart’s desire, illuminated my path with strength, cultivated courage and allowed myself to be happy. Thank you, Kristin and Megan, for creating this welcoming and inspiring community. I am exactly where I need to be.

Whatever storms life has in store for you, smile, dance in the rain and most importantly jump in those puddles with both feet! You got this!

– Stayce

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