Yoga Classes

For Beginners/Gentle Practice:

Yoga Calm (soft/beginner)

Yoga Calm is a gentle balanced flow to promote relaxation, comfort and inner peace. In this class, you can expect to move safely while focusing on being present with mindful postures and sequences to promote harmony, balance and CALM. All levels welcome.

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Yoga Restore (soft/beginner)

This is a restful, restorative practice with postures designed to realign mind, body and spirit. Students can expect to be guided to relax into the poses, fully supported by props, to feel renewed and RESTORED.  Perfect for all levels.

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Yoga Align (soft/beginner)

This yoga is a classical and holistic approach to hatha yoga. Each class begins with pranayama (breathing exercises) that will help clear energy pathways and awaken the body. The rest of the class is focused on deepening the connection within each pose through breath, meditation and ALIGNment. All levels welcome.

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Yoga Begin (soft/beginner)

Have you heard about all the great benefits of yoga, but you are not sure where to begin? Flexibility, strength and relaxation- yoga can provide all of these wonderful things while learning to perform a series of basic poses, breathing techniques and sequences. No experience necessary, all levels welcome.

Last Saturday of each month.

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Mixed Level Classes:

Yoga Flow (medium/intermediate)

Yoga Flow is a fluid dance of yoga postures, linked by breath, to build strength, flexibility, balance and most of all create space within the body. After a fun-loving sequences, including sun salutations, hip openers, balance poses, back bends, inversions and more, students can expect to feel strong, balanced, open and ready to FLOW through on any day! Levels 1-2.

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Yoga Bliss (medium/intermediate)

Combining the best of both worlds, Yoga Bliss is a blend of fluid yoga sequences with relaxing, restorative poses. In this class, you will flow through a medium-paced vinyasa, ending with a series of longer held seated postures- linking breath with movement. Yoga Bliss centers on bringing awareness to all the sensations in the body, promoting inner peace and BLISS. All levels welcome.

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Yoga Spirit (medium/intermediate)

Yoga Spirit is a soul-loving flow accompanied with affirmations to recenter and balance the body, mind and soul. You will leave this class feeling restored, peaceful and full of spirit! All levels welcome.

Feel free to bring in and share any books, poems, readings, cards etc.

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 Yoga Strong (challenging/advanced)

Yoga Strong is an inspired exploration of mindful transitions, sustained control, and concentrated effort. The focus is less on the destination and more on the journey. The class is designed to help promote personal power and strength in the mind, body and spirit. This is a great class for those who want to build endurance and strength within their practice while slowing things down and enjoying the flow!

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Yoga Storm (challenging/advanced)

Yoga Storm is a composed of heat-building poses and sequences to increase your energy, strength, awareness and Self-LOVE. In this class, you will reduce stress, detoxify, and get connected with your true authentic self. The creative sequencing of fluid namaskars, hip openers, backbends, and inversions are connected with the breath, creating a dynamic dance between mind, body and spirit. This practice is typically done in warmer temperatures (about 80 degrees), accompanied by upbeat music, and a fast paced vinyasa. This class will nourish any storm! A practice of “Yoga Flow” is recommended. Level 2-3.

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Yoga Release (a strong athletic flow)

Whether you are a runner, biker, kick boxer or on the go person looking for improved strength, balance, flexibility, and mental control, allow yourself to soak in the benefits in the practice of Yoga RELEASE. In this class, we explore hip and heart openers as well as fluid movements to promote flexibility, increase core strength and improve concentration. Level 1-2.

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