Family & Kids Classes

Introducing our Family & Kids 5 week series, for all ages:

Yoga Grow (Ages 2-4)

Yoga Grow is light hearted, joyful practice that promotes peace, artistic expression and creative movement. The class combines traditional yoga poses with stories, breath and movement. This inspiring class will teach your little yogis to lead with their hearts as they GROW big and strong!

Parents can join in or relax in the cafe!

Coming this spring

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Yoga Shine (Ages 5-10)

Yoga Shine is a fun, encouraging yoga experience designed to build confidence, strength and concentration. This 5-week workshop encourages balance, peace and natural beauty to SHINE bright! No experience necessary.

Classes: Tuesday’s 4:30pm (January 17th- February 14th)

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Teen Connection (Ages 11-17)

Yoga Teen is a series designed specifically for balance, strength and fun in the teen years.  We will build yoga knowledge and love from week to week with upbeat music, fun poses, and calming meditations.  Teens will learn cool new ways to express themselves through yoga while also building healthy new habits for a peaceful and balanced life. No yoga experience necessary.

Classes: Wednesday’s & Friday’s 4:30pm

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Mindfulness and Crafts for Kids- (Ages 5-10)

Mindfulness has been shown to be an effective practice for children, adolescents, and adults alike. For children, a practice of being present in the moment may help to not only reduce stress, but also to improve attention, pro-social behavior, and the ability to identify emotions. This 1 hour workshop will offer children ages 5-10 the opportunity to learn the art of mindfulness through crafts and play. And parents can come take yoga while kids are crafting!

Classes: Coming soon

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Yoga Bond- Prenatal Yoga series

A series designed for pregnant women to maintain fitness, flexibility, energy levels and a deep connection with the baby. The practice will help alleviate pregnancy discomforts and prepare for labor. No yoga experience needed.

Classes: Coming soon

Yoga Baby-A Mommy & Baby Series (Infant- Age 1)

Rebalance and re-energize your body while spending quality time with your baby and building social connections with other moms. Babies are gently and safely incorporated into the class (as observers or active participants) using massage, yoga poses and movements that are sure to enlighten, engage and delight.

Classes: Coming soon

Rain Clouds- A Creative Movement Series- (Ages 5-10)

Rain Clouds is an exploration of movement through nature, animals and music. In this 5-week workshop, your child will learn the basics of dance and creative movement. The playful activities are designed to promote creativity, imagination and confidence.

Classes: Coming soon


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