Our Teachers “One Year Out”

Graduated April, 2017

When I first started, I was very excited. Getting my yoga teaching certificate was a major goal for me at the time. There was this instant connection within our group. I have never felt more like I belonged anywhere than I did with those other 8 women. I am so thankful to have gone on that journey with them. I am who I am today because with them as well as guidance of you and Megan. I really thought I would find a home teaching flow but it was not until I took over the Strong classes that I truly found my niche. I try to create challenging and fun yoga practice. Because Yoga Strong is an advanced and strength practice, I do my best to keep a lighthearted feeling in the room. Laughter is always welcome in my classes.

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Graduated April 2016

Making the investment in Nourishing Storm’s Teacher Training Program wasn’t even a question, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I wasn’t really sure where it would lead me, but I knew I could not go wrong. My fear was, am I actually good enough to teach? Can I walk the walk? I am not this mystical guru! I have so much to learn! I grew so much through my Teaching Training, and I continue to grow. I feel when you teach, there is absolutely a sense of vulnerability. I am showing you who I am. I had to come face to face with my insecurities… scary stuff! I realized what surrendering to what shows up on your mat means. Eventually it hit me… I am not teaching the students, the students are teaching me.

Kristin and Megan and the rest of the NS team supplied me with the tools, the rest is up to me.

Currently, I teach a Yoga Calm class at Nourishing Storm. I continue to learn and grow through that and my own personal practice.

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Graduated April 2016

When I decided to embark on my teacher training journey, I wasn’t even sure I wanted to teach at the end of my program – I just knew I wanted to dive deeper into my personal practice. Teaching seemed like this lofty position that I wasn’t sure I would be able to fit into – I am not always graceful, I don’t always say the right things, I joke and laugh a lot – how would people respond to that in a studio setting? So I approached YTT through the eyes of a student, trying to learn as much as I could while I had the resources of experienced yogis that I respected and looked up to. When I graduated, I had a confidence that I never expected – in my body, in my words, and in my abilities. Before I even got my certificate, I had a lot of opportunities arise to teach and share what I was learning. I started working with a few high school athletic teams, a high school yoga club, and was teaching Yoga Flow at Nourishing Storm. Now, two years after graduating, I live in Montana and have started a new life and journey here – that still includes yoga! I work for an organic farm in my area and started a yoga program where we practice outside in the fields every week. It’s a wonderful experience I am so happy to create and share with my students!

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Graduated October 2016

“When I first considered the yoga teacher training it was with the intention of deepening my own practice and spiritual journey. But, as I moved through the program, I found myself opening up to the possibilities of sharing my journey with others…warts and all. I like to have fun in my classes (Grateful Yoga anyone?) Most are calm, bliss, and alignment, but I try and encourage folks to go deeper, challenge themselves, and ultimately open to their own possibilities. I often tell those who come to my classes ‘this is your time, your practice. I’m simply here to gently guide you.’ That was the takeaway from my experience. We are all on our own path. Lead with your heart, and your head will follow.”

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