Feb 12th

Yogi (Staff) of the Month- Nancy

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How did you find yoga?

Yoga found me during a time of devastating loss. I intentionally sought out yoga as a means of healing and in looking for a studio I found NS. What came next was a transformative yoga practice, a community, a means of not just surviving, but finding beauty, grace and lots of inspiration! I feel like NS has allowed me to grow and become my most authentic and highest version of me… always a work in progress though and never finished!

How long have you practiced?

I had a longtime dabbling practice, but as of 2016 it’s become an integral part of me. I cannot imagine where I would be without it. My mat is my safe, honoring, healing and my favorite place to be!

How long have you worked @ NS?

It all started with my Love Bulb project and Kristin’s willingness to support that by selling them in the cafe. “What’s next” is the question she always asks me! What’s next was the Grief Gathering and Storm ambassadorship in the Community Garden and most recently being part of the Teen Series. I’m actually part of the soon to graduate class of NS “Root to Rise” Teacher Training! The Garden is resting and dormant now but the days are getting longer and as spring comes it will soon be time to grow! Stay tuned as all are welcome to join me in the community yoga garden! So grateful for the opportunities that NS has brought to my life and cannot wait to see what’s next!


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Feb 12th

Ommm Healing Journey’s: Begin- The Dance

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The world was created by the cosmic divine.  To play within and explore. The world was made to experience.  Everything in this world manifested from some beautiful intelligence that wanted to understand its own nature.  And so created a world to experience and learn. It had to learn how to survive in a material world. Becoming the universe, the planets, the rocks, the rivers, and creatures of the water, earth and sky.  A world of elements evolving all the way into feeling beings. Every bit of material in this world is another way the divine gets to experience itself. So when we deny this world our truest expression of self, we deny the divine dancer its chance to learn new steps.  


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Jan 1st

Ommm Healing Journey: Service, Love Unbonded

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I couldn’t quite separate November’s service theme from October’s grace nor from December’s community.  The link with community seems very obvious. But the way between grace and service may not be obvious at all.   But it comes a little clearer when life is viewed as an opportunity to be of service and each day an opportunity to do better.

That is why I referred to them as faith and practice.  I find the experience of grace to be proof of a higher love.  A release of the binding on our hearts that inspires faith. And I wish to be a servant to this unbinding, so I must practice.  There is grace to be found when we act in service to compassion, when we speak in service to kindness, when we work in service to integrity and live in service to truth.   (more…)

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Jan 1st

Ommm Healing Journey: Community, An Unfolding

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I would like to stand inside of every kind of forest.  Commune with every kind of ecology. To listen and learn how to grow strong and true in harmony with a community in the midst of its own evolution.

Nature knows how to behave, how to give way to diversity.  How to allow every potential its expression and the space for each expression to succeed or fail as they will.  Nature allows life its way. And evolves around some greater intelligence. Balancing along some point beyond our current understanding.  The point of separation between creation and destruction, like the space between breaths, between expansion and contraction. A point that is fluid and still. (more…)

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Dec 29th

Introducing our 2019 Themes …

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2018 was a year for anchoring down, discovering our true selves, developing from this most authentic place, devoting to the practices that guide us, finding motivation along the way, tapping into our childlike sense of wonder and then wandering and getting just a bit lost along the way, in a good way! As fall came, we found ease and then gracefully met ourselves in service, the places we are meant to serve, and most importantly connection to the communities that support, inspire, and help us grow.

If you are just joining our NS tribe and family (and we are so glad you are here) or had quite a year, here are the themes we explored in 2018, our year in review …

2018 THEMES:




April– Devote





September–  Ease


November– Service

December– Community

-Each brought to us by the beautifully inspiring, Nikki Savage- yogi, healer, mama, friend, herbalist, massage therapist and writer just to name a few.

And now it is time to begin anew! 2019 is all about celebrating new beginnings, being the observer, forgiving anywhere that is needed and trusting the process. We will plant seeds of intention, bloom where we stand and be brave with where the journey takes us. Bliss will be our guiding force as we move forward in calming ways and allow the delicate balance of harmony reign, appreciating all that is within and before us and then together we transform!

2019 THEMES:

January- Begin

February- Observe

March- Forgive

April– Trust

May– Plant

June- Bloom

July- Brave

August- Bliss

September- Calm

October– Harmony

November- Appreciate

December- Transform

To your journey in 2019, may it be guided by love, light, peace and joy!  Namaste

– The Nourishing Storm Team

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