Jul 12th

Camatkarasana – Wild Thing

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A combination of a backbend, a balancing pose, hip opener, and a core strengthener, Wild Thing should be approached with a sense of playfulness and wonder as a joyful expression of your own grace and inner strength.


  • Opens up chest, lung & shoulder areas
  • Opens the front of the legs & hip flexors
  • Builds strength in shoulders & upper back


1. Start in Downward Facing Dog.

2. Press into 3-legged dog by drawing the right leg up to the sky and rooting down through the left leg.

3. Move forward into High Plank Pose keeping your right leg lifted and engaged. Bring shoulders directly over your wrists. Do not let your hips sink — keep them level with your shoulders.

4. Rotate into Side Plank stacking shoulders and hips. Extend the right arm up and over the head or simply bring the hand to the heart center.

5. Slowly bend your right leg, releasing the ball of the foot onto the ground behind you, resting almost beneath your right hip, legs hip-width apart. Your left leg is still extended.

6. Press into the ball of your right foot and allow your pelvis to lift upward, letting the head and neck relax toward the back body. Stay 5 breaths.

7. Gently release back to center and either stay in Down Dog or press into Child’s Pose.


– Move into Full Wheel Pose (make sure the spine is warmed up for this one!)


– Just like a modified Side Plank with the knee to the earth, Wild Thing can be modified by lowering the extend leg down

– For a more modified Wild Thing come into Janu Sirsasana then simply take the hand on the side that the knee is bent, place it behind behind and out a bit, draw the toes of the extended leg down and lift the hips pressing the pelvis up to the sky and reach the free hand and arm over and the head.

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