Feb 12th

Yogi (Staff) of the Month- Nancy

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How did you find yoga?

Yoga found me during a time of devastating loss. I intentionally sought out yoga as a means of healing and in looking for a studio I found NS. What came next was a transformative yoga practice, a community, a means of not just surviving, but finding beauty, grace and lots of inspiration! I feel like NS has allowed me to grow and become my most authentic and highest version of me… always a work in progress though and never finished!

How long have you practiced?

I had a longtime dabbling practice, but as of 2016 it’s become an integral part of me. I cannot imagine where I would be without it. My mat is my safe, honoring, healing and my favorite place to be!

How long have you worked @ NS?

It all started with my Love Bulb project and Kristin’s willingness to support that by selling them in the cafe. “What’s next” is the question she always asks me! What’s next was the Grief Gathering and Storm ambassadorship in the Community Garden and most recently being part of the Teen Series. I’m actually part of the soon to graduate class of NS “Root to Rise” Teacher Training! The Garden is resting and dormant now but the days are getting longer and as spring comes it will soon be time to grow! Stay tuned as all are welcome to join me in the community yoga garden! So grateful for the opportunities that NS has brought to my life and cannot wait to see what’s next!


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