Fitness & Dance Classes

Rise & Shine (tone, strengthen & energize)

This class is designed to start your day off right! The focus is on doing mindful movements that align with your wellness goals. Various disciplines of fitness such as kickboxing, weight training, pilates and yoga will be interweaved in the class leaving you feeling energized and ready to shine- all day! All levels welcome.

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Yoga Dance (spiral your way to wellness, all levels)

Dance your Yoga, cultivate creativity and embody joy through movement!

We are all born to move, to dance and to feel alive! But sometimes layers of stress, tension, responsibilities, etc can start to pile on and we forget how and why we need to move. This class is designed to bring your happiest, most vibrant self to the surface so that you can live your most authentic, joyful life!

You do not have to be a “dancer” to join us. Just like with yoga there is no right or wrong pose, in Yoga Dance you are simply asked to move (both off on and on the mat) in ways that feel right to you as you are guided to discover, activate and release. And once you start moving in these natural, healing ways your creativity has free reign to spiral!

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Dance Release (find your natural rhythm & release, all levels)

In this intro to creative movement class, you will learn the basics of contemporary dance, jazz and ballet, but most importantly, you will learn to find your most natural (happy) rhythm, let go and RELEASE. As you collectively explore short sequences, you will find yourself getting a great workout while having a lot of fun too. No dance or yoga experience necessary. All levels welcome.

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