Coaching Pricing

Online via Video conference or in person …

One 60-minute session (includes a 30 minute prep session):

$108 per session*
(Half off- $55 per session if booked within your first month of yoga!)

Best plan for you if …

You want the time and space to talk/practice about where you are and where you want to go.  In this 60 minute session, we will talk through your experience, your goals, vision,  passion and purpose. Together, we will work on productive and enjoyable set of action steps and a timeline that fits your schedule, style and natural rhythm.

Six 60-minute sessions:

$89 per session* ($474 if paid in full)

Best plan for you if …

You know what you want, but are getting stuck and distracted along the way. Whether it be lack of sleep, unhealthy eating patterns or habits, cravings, relationships that are not serving you, work that you do not love – no matter what it is, we will work together to get you clear and  focused on a new path. In each session, we will explore what is holding you back, bringing you clarity and confidence to leap forward with ease and grace.

Twelve 60-minute sessions:

$72 per session* ($808 if paid in full)

Best plan for you if …

You are having trouble getting clear about your goals and next steps. You want to live a happy and fulfilled life that aligns with your purpose and passion, but you need to break down what is stopping you from knowing what you want and taking the steps to move forward. Each loving session will be dedicated to unblocking any fears and bringing out your best self, helping you move forward in the direction of your dreams.

*NS Members get 15% off

BONUS: All coaching packages booked get a free copy of  Spiraling to Wellness,  a journal by Kristin Ritter that asks powerful questions and provides inspiration in the way of awareness, movement and nutrition, three transformative paths to wellness.

Session Add-ons:

Pantry Makeover

Smoothie &/or Juice Demos

Food Shopping Tours

Private or Group Cooking Lessons

Private or Group Yoga Sessions

Business Consultations

Design Consultations with Connolly Designs


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