To the left: Tina (our team member of the month;
To the left: Sue (or Yogi of the Month)

“What I like most about yoga is that it is a journey. There is no stress in practicing if you just remember that every day is a journey, and every class is an opportunity – to be present, to grow, to challenge yourself, and to take time to take care of yourself. And, sometimes, taking time to take care of yourself is the challenge.
My whole life has been about a journey – always moving, changing jobs, changing environments, working to change my existing world. I embrace that, but it can be overwhelming, and you can feel that your journey is going nowhere. Slowing down, and finding direction, is important on your journey, and I find that on the yoga mat. Sometimes you think you are going nowhere, fast, and what you have to figure out is what is blocking you. I find that, on my yoga mat.
I have practiced yoga for a very long time, but when I first moved to Hatboro in 2005, my practice lapsed because I couldn’t find a local place that I liked. When Nourishing Storm came to town and my husband John was also interested in checking out yoga for the first time, we went together, and both of us found a path – paths that cross but aren’t exactly the same. As I’ve recommitted to practicing yoga in the past few years, the instructors at Nourishing Storm have really helped me take my practice deeper, to take my journey in new directions. The mindfulness incorporated into every class helps me to slow down and turn inward. And I have loved the opportunity to go off in new yoga directions – yoga hikes, yoga dance!!
As a fairly shy person, I feel like I have found a welcoming community at Nourishing Storm. On my yoga journey, the yogis at Nourishing Storm are my guides, my source for inspiration and motivation, and my friends.”

– Sue


” As a wife, mother, RN and CCM, I am much more comfortable taking care of others rather than myself. Firmly in middle age and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle, I was well aware of the gamble that I was taking with my future health. Then, a wonderful friend asked if I could come with her to Nourishing Storm. I had never done yoga and was still fairly skeptical after signing up for the 30 day introductory offering. Well, that was about 8 months ago. I typically go now about three times a week to one of the yoga classes – finding time that I somehow didn’t even know I had. I have now tried a variety of their classes, even meditation, and dream of the day that I can do a crow pose. Everyone is welcoming, kind and thoughtful. I cannot believe how quickly my fitness level has risen even with the beginner classes and some shifts have definitely occurred with my perspective on life in general. I was even pleasantly surprised when my husband asked me a few months into my yoga practice if he could come to a class noting how he saw me benefiting and was intrigued for himself. Finally, besides the fun and inviting studio and cafe atmosphere, I would be remiss if I did not mention that they also make an amazing espresso!”

– Pattie


“I started my yoga journey December 2015.   August of that year my son had left for college and being a single Mom my life was quickly changing around me.  My life was always on the go as my son played football and we were always busy with games, practice and life.  When he was getting ready to leave for college I thought to myself what am I going to do with myself?

As parents we put ourselves on the back burner? He was leaving home and I had to adjust quickly.  I came home from work every day I would go to my parents and help them around the house but something was missing. My friend suggested that we start to take yoga classes at Nourishing Storm.  I thought I don’t know how to do yoga but I would give it a try.  We went together for the first week and loved it.

I realized in life that if we do not do something for ourselves we lose ourselves in the everyday way of life.  

My life has forever changed thanks to Kristin and Megan.  I now have accepted that my son is at school and now have somewhere to go and feel good about myself.  When you are at Nourishing Storm you feel good about yourself and everyone around you.  As soon as you walk through the door there is a positive force that comes over you and you feel like you are at your home away from home.  I am grateful every day that I started yoga and have met many new friends along the way!”

– Christine


“When I was ten months old, I contracted viral encephalitis, swelling of the brain, from a mosquito bite. The illness left me with a significantly weaker right side and dystonia in my right side. The best way I can describe dystonia is uncontrollable muscle contortions. These 2 conditions had left me perpetually sore and stiff. At 30 it was getting difficult to walk. That was a huge wake up call for me. I had always been curious about yoga and decided to give it a shot.

I started practicing yoga with a woman on YouTube in March and found Nourishing Storm about 6 weeks later. Going to class was scary for me at first. I struggle with feeling self conscious about the difficulties many poses present to me. Everyone is always so welcoming and non judgmental. I immediately felt welcomed.

Yoga has changed my life. My right side is stronger than I ever knew it could be.

I am finding harmony with, what one woman described as, the uncontrollable energy that is perpetually coursing through the right side of my body. I quit smoking cigarettes in April. But more than anything yoga has changed the way I think.

Yoga is a journey. It’s not about what you can and can’t do. It’s not about getting to the perfect handstand. The benefits of a pose can be reaped whether you are ready for the cover of some yoga magazine or if you are struggling to maintain your own version. We are all learning and growing and changing together. I am learning to embrace my body as powerful and strong and beautiful exactly as it is at this moment. My hope is that as we practice yoga, we will push ourselves past our limits and learn how strong we truly are, and we would also take the time to be kind to ourselves. To love ourselves. To be grateful to whatever power we claim for the bodies we have been given and the amazing things they can do. And that we would tend to our spirits with the same care and diligence that we use with our bodies.”



tina“And it’s all in the name. Nourishing Storm Studio and Cafe. I started on my journey for inner peace about 2 years ago. August of 2015 I found the Storm. It’s been true love ever since. I had no true Yoga practice besides a night class at the local school. Now it’s been 6 months and I have found my happy place. Kristin and Megan are so much more than Yoga teachers. My favorite pose to date is Legs up the Wall. I don’t know how to explain why I just know that I feel grounded and happy when my legs are up the wall. I am grateful every day that I found such a nourishing community.”

-Tina K



Dawn“I believe we are where are meant to be and that everything happens for a reason. When Kristin came to my work to hold a yoga session and I was very excited to join. I was considering joining a yoga studio but didn’t know which one to choose so this opportunity came at a good time. After a time the class moved to the studio and I decided I wanted to join and I’m so glad I did. I have found a place where I can find peace, my center, just to ‘be’ without judgement. All the yogi instructors are wonderful and my fellow yogis are great too! Thanks to Kristin and her support I am also learning more about nutrition through an on-line course and the 7 week challenge. So I feel this is where I am meant to be at this time and I am looking forward to continuing my practice for my mind, body and soul. 😊

I chose my favorite yoga pose to be ‘the dancers pose’. It is to me a beautiful, opening poise. This pose allows me to be open and to feel the pose thru all parts of my body.”



NS_Yogini_Connie“I started with Nourishing Storm about one year ago seeking peace for my mind, body and soul. What I have discovered is that beyond peace, the practice has given me strength, while creating a deeper connection through the scriptures of my creator. It was amazing how my yoga and bible study all interlinked to keep me balanced and strong through the storms of life physically and mentally. Yoga has taught me that if we focus on discovering who we are while in the storm and be nourished by it, we become the light and love we were created to be!!

I wish you all love, peace and joy!! Love and light.”


Mark“My yoga journey started a little over a year ago though it should have started back in 2000 when I herniated two disks in my lower back. Back then (no pun intended), I was encouraged to try yoga but I refused. “I will never do yoga.” I avoided surgery on my back by absolute dedication to daily exercises designed to strengthen my back. Little did I know that their roots were from yoga, in fact some were yoga poses. I was doing something I said I would never do. It took just about a year of dedication to those exercises to become pain free and 14 years of fairly regular exercise to maintain a healthy back.

While my back was healthy, my spirit and soul were not, thus the first steps onto a mat. Over my life I had become quite the master of avoiding what I found uncomfortable. Now I find myself in a room with several women all much more flexible than I. “I can’t do this” was first just heard in my head, and then as the weeks rolled by the instructors could hear it too. The instructor would then reply “yes you can” and “I can’t!” was my reply. I guess my soul knew it had found what it was looking for and now it had to convince the body. For months my practice consisted of a class or two a week and an occasional practice at home. I just didn’t have the flow and rhythm at home. Over time it improved.

In February of this year I got a text from a dear friend about a flyer he saw at Pennypack Restoration Ecological Trust about a “yoga hike” that started in April. I love the winter and I found myself wishing for April to come to bring together the two loves of my life, my newly founded love of yoga and my love of hiking that is 45+ years in the making.

April came and went as did May. and then on a Saturday in June, I finally found myself at Pennypack for a “yoga hike!” This is the day I met Kristin, an angel. I had hiked in Pennypack hundreds of times but this was like no other hike I had ever been on there or anywhere else. The hour or so was so magical. I learned on that hike about Nourishing Storm’s Summer Solstice celebration, the famed “108”, scheduled for the very next day, the first day of summer. 108 of anything can be a challenge but 108 sun salutations, that would be a challenge! To this day I’m not sure what I was thinking when I told Kristin I would see her for the 108.

I showed up that Sunday at the studio in Hatboro. Half way through the first set of 27, yes the first set, I said “I can’t do this!” Not sure if anyone heard me, but I did. What have I gotten myself into, I asked. Why did I agree to this? As I was still at covered in sweat when Kristin said “one more” at the end of the final set of 27 and I have never been the same since.

Shortly after that I started practicing every day and I haven’t missed a day since. I have practiced in various studios in several states, on the beach, at the top of water falls, on rock outcroppings overlooking the Leigh River, rest areas, state parks, state forests, and numerous vistas and shelters along the Appalachian Trail.

My emotions have spilled over numerous times so much so that I thought there was something seriously wrong. I have learned to love myself instead of beating myself up. The love has started to flow out to others around me. I have found that this moment, the only one promised, is where I want to be. I have come to accept that where there is calm, there is a storm.

I have found a great storm, it a Nourishing Storm and recommend it to everyone”

-Mark, aka Setting Sun

IMG_2820“Nourishing Storm has taken me on a journey that allows me to feel better both physically and emotionally.

At age 13, I herniated a disk in my back and did everything possible to avoid surgery, but unfortunately it became necessary. Seven years later the scenario played out again and I had another back surgery followed by a surgery to remove a disk and fuse my neck 9 years after that. I felt like I had been doing all the doctors said yet multiple times a year I would end up unable to walk due to back pain or unable to function at all due to neck and radiating arm pain.

As a pharmacist, I have been trained in western medicine, but I felt like it failed me. The doctors diagnosed me with degenerative disk disease and said nothing can be done. My back and neck will never be pain free and I will continue to have bad flare ups. I refused to accept that path so I did some research and changed my career and became a homeopathic pharmacist. I learned the body has the ability to self heal, and took a reiki class.

Then a friend suggested I try yoga. I thought there is no way I can do that, I don’t look like someone who does yoga but she talked me into it. I found Nourishing Storm two years ago and my life is forever changed. I need yoga. I need to take the time for myself so I can stop and enjoy all of the wonderful things life brings. My back and neck are still not perfect but the improvements are tremendous. If I do wake up with some pain, I seem to recover within a day rather than a month. The instructors made me feel at ease and were so kind to me and completely non­judgemental. I felt very comfortable having them guide me which allowed me to realize that it really was my practice. The time on the mat is for me and I can only do what my body allows.

I’ve learned if I move too quickly and am not mindful, then I’ll hurt my back. I’ve
learned that my warrior may not look like anyone else’s and that is okay. Nourishing Storm saved me from the vicious cycle I was in and I now know how awesome yoga is! Yoga is for everyone, including me.

This month ends with Halloween which brings to mind the pose that ends our yoga class and I enjoy, savasana or corpse pose. I love the peace it brings me, as it is a time where I do not have to think or worry about anything. My mind gets the break that it needs and I come out of the pose feeling much bliss. It is a reset for my mind and body.”

– Alison

FullSizeRender“I’m a bit of a loner when it comes to exercise preference. (I blame a few failed Step class attempts a few years back – so complicated!)

A little over a year ago, I decided to give the group thing another try with yoga. Having recently hit the half century mark, I had some new aches and joint pains. On top of that, my job had become increasing stressful. I’d been reading about the positive effects of mindfulness and yoga on the mind, body, and soul, and realized I needed help with all of the above!

In my daily travels, I passed Nourishing Storm studio many times, so I gave it a try! I felt instantly comfortable and welcomed by all the instructors. Yoga Calm and Yoga Bliss became my favorites! The combination of slowly stretching, twisting, holding balance poses, and meditation made me feel fantastic! The familiar tension in my neck and that pain in my left knee were gone.

Feeling stronger and happier than ever, I touted the benefits of yoga to everyone at work and got a “Namaste” sign for my office!

The special events offered each month are fun and I especially enjoy the feeling of community they bring. After a smoothie demo, I decided to enlist Kristin to teach me how to improve other aspects of my life through her holistic wellness coaching practice. For 6 months, we focused on a cleaner diet, an introspective look at my strengths and possible career changes, and exercise. I learned to make changes that were healthy and more importantly sustainable for me and my family. Setting and documenting my goals has helped me keep focused and see the constant progress I am making. I’m well on my way to making some long overdue positive changes.

A big shout out to everyone at Nourishing Storm!”


20150711_083049At the end of 2014 there were many changes (not all of them positive) occurring in my life – the loss of a close family member, becoming an empty-nester as my son moved on to college and a serious disconnect with one of my closest friends.

I had tried yoga many years ago at a fitness club I belonged to but I never really practiced in any meaningful way.  At this difficult time in my life something was drawing me toward yoga. I don’t know what it was,  I just knew I needed to try something different to help me move forward.

I found Nourishing Storm by doing a simple internet search for yoga in the area and on one cold January day, stopped in and met Kristin. The studio felt like home immediately – calm, clean and very welcoming.

After attending my first class I knew this was truly what I had been searching for, a place to calm my mind and find strength and peace in the midst of the storm. The benefits were immediate and started inside – with an increased sense of wellbeing, confidence and calm. Now the benefits are evident on the outside and include increased flexibility and strength.

The major difference between my previous yoga experience at a fitness club and really embracing the practice at Nourishing Storm has been the emphasis on making the practice your own wherever you may be in your journey to better health and wellness.  There are many offerings including; yoga hikes, meditation, workshops and even stand-up paddle board yoga (SUP)- a wonderful experience,  even if you fall!

 Yoga has truly changed my life in many positive ways and I am looking forward to continuing this journey with the support of the Nourishing Storm teachers and fellow members of the Nourishing Storm wellness community.

– Lisa

Eileen“I was very new to the area when I came across Nourishing Storm. I was intrigued by the name…possibly because my life was a bit stormy at the time…in a good way. My husband and I, recent empty nesters, had just shed many of our belongings and left our home of 22 years behind to relocate to a smaller home, new state and new way of life. My goal was to use my increased amount of free time (no more pulling weeds or shoveling snow – at least for now) to improve my physical and spiritual well-being. Although I had practiced yoga on and off for many years, it was always in the form of a finite number of classes and the instruction was very impersonal. I knew from my first class with Megan that this time it would be different.

I love new ideas and new ways of looking at life and you always can find that at Nourishing Storm. I love both the power and serenity of the poses; the challenges of finding your balance and the confidence you feel when it happens. And, as a writer, I find there is no better way to unblock and let the creative juices flow.

Every class I have taken since I joined has been a unique and enjoyable learning experience. The instructors are not just pleasant, knowledgeable and accommodating, they go above and beyond to ensure you get the full experience of the practice at whatever level you can.

The storm in my life blissfully rages on.”


BrittanyPrior to moving to PA, I had only dabbled in the art of yoga here and there. I always had the mindset that it was “too slow” and “too quiet” for me. When relocating, I decided I really wanted to focus in finding an exercise regimen that I didn’t hate and helped soothe my mind. I wanted to practice a form of exercise that I could look forward to. After researching several yoga and Pilates studios I decided I was going to give yoga a try… and stick to it this time. It took me about halfway through my first class at Nourishing Storm with Megan to decide this was the place for me. Leaving that day, I felt more peaceful (both physically and mentally) than I had felt in the longest time. I then continued to try Yoga Energy with Dan where I not only got a great core workout, but was enlightened with mystical anecdotes. I pressed on in trying one of Kristin’s classes. I left that night feeling sore in places I didn’t even know existed! I was hooked.

With every class I got more flexible and felt stronger. After landing my first crow pose, I felt like I could do anything! After months of being a member at Nourishing Storm my body and mind have reached places I never thought possible. The instruction and loving support that comes from the Nourishing Storm instructors and students runs unparalleled. I end my testimonial with a quote that exhibits the infusion of yoga and the theme of the month, enthusiasm:

“When we find ourselves devoid of passion and purpose, the first thing we need to do is stop. But that’s not easy. The rest of the world is zooming by at full speed. Left alone with ourselves, without a project to occupy us, we can become nervous and self-critical about what we should be doing and feeling. This can be so uncomfortable that we look for any distraction rather than allowing ourselves the space to be as we are.” -Dawna Markova


IMG_1474I dabbled with yoga for decades. It was something I did regularly in spurts only to get sidetracked by life. But I would always come back to it.

In recent years I started a fairly regular practice at home. But I was itching for new material. Last August I decided to try a trial membership at Nourishing Storm. I had the full intention of taking as many classes as I could during that month to find a few flows I could bring to my home yoga practice. Instead I found a new home for my yoga practice.

Each teacher brought a new dimension to my practice. Nadia brought a gentle peace as Dan brought mindfulness laced with humor. Kristin challenged me to reach new heights while Megan kept me grounded to the Truth of my practice. This perfect storm of nourishing souls offered me fertile ground to grow my practice.

In January I began to write the monthly theme blogs for the studio. My flowering practice began to drop roots deeper than I could have imagined. I’ve become fully immersed in my practice and it has overflowed into all of my life.

Once in the eye of this Nourishing Storm, I saw clearly what I want my life to be ­connected mind, body and spirit. I found beauty and strength on my yoga mat surrounded and supported by this inspiring community of teachers
and students.

Probably without knowing, these amazing people have enriched my life in ways I can’t put into words. Truly.

I am so grateful for my yoga family. Their smiles, encouragement and loving hearts mean the world to me. And to think this journey really has only just begun. I excitedly await what lies ahead as I begin to own what lies within. Oh the places I’ll go . . .


MindyI’ve been coming to Nourishing Storm for about four months now. Though I feel as I’ve been part of the family forever. You see, that is how they make you feel. Who doesn’t want to go somewhere where they make you feel so welcome, so strong and so balanced?

I start my practice with the intentions of gratitude towards the universe and all living things especially the gentle, knowledgeable, spiritual souls of the Nourishing Storm crew. You see, they give us that moment before each practice to put out energies for ourselves, family, friends or whomever may need it that day. They ask us to send the message of universal consciousness = yoga.

One of my favorite parts of the practice is when your in total concentration in a (for me) very hard pose and they ask you to breathe. LOL, this for some reason makes me chuckle, hence, you breathe! I love how they make you go deeper or challenge you to go one step further because they know you can.

Speaking of Megan with her calming energy and gift to heal. Kristin with her positive, robust energy and knowledge of well being. I’ve also experienced Dan’s Yoga Energy and Meditation classes that sets the intentions of mindfulness and dedication to the universe. Nadia with her holding poses and her soul’s spiritual path.

I look forward each day to them all and Bless you all. Namaste.


IMG_7353I began practicing yoga this past Autumn after feeling I needed to incorporate exercise and more positive energy in my life and daily routine. While I have engaged in “traditional” exercise routines, I had never tried yoga before. The instructors and fellow students at Nourishing Storm welcomed me, and my journey began.

While I have so much to learn, and am not yet to the level of flexibility I would like to achieve, I recognize this is a process that will take some time. As a novice to yoga, Dan, Megan and Kristin have been immensely patient and encouraging. The immediate benefits I have realized include true stretching, as in using muscles I had not used in a long time or ever, finding balance and focus through poses and breathing. I have also enjoyed mindful meditation classes with Dan, and see this as a perfect compliment to my yoga practice. All along the way, I enjoy making connections with my teachers and fellow students.

As we practice together, I am also appreciative of how the peace and calm that pervades each class helps to focus me on my own inner peace, well-being and positive energy.



“I have been doing yoga on and off for years, dropping in on classes at my gym, never truly committing to a yoga practice. There was a class, I would go, that felt good, maybe I’ll go back next week. I never imagined that the one month trial period at Nourishing Storm would make me excited to go back again and again. Suddenly I began to peel back layers. I began to dig deep. I began to expand and grow and learn. I am challenged at Nourishing Storm. Sometimes I think there is no way I can do that pose, I feel like my hamstring is going to split in half, my spleen is going to burst. You must be kidding me! And then there it is, it is inside of me, it is deep. It can be done.

I can do it and I am strong.

I believe it is the energy at Nourishing Storm that made it come together for me. I love the diversity of each class. Each instructor offers something valuable. Each instructor lets us know that no matter where we are, that is ok. I remember the first time I took Kristin’s Yoga Storm class. I never sweat like that in a yoga class before!! Kristin reminds us that there is no right or wrong. And then Megan’s calming and nurturing Yoga Restore class. You walk out of there feeling like a marshmallow! And I can’t forget Nadia’s grace and ease in her Yoga Calm class. I always feel good leaving her classes. Each class and instructor complements each other, making for the perfect Nourishing Storm.

In my closing prayer after savasana, I always send out a silent thank you to my instructor. I often wonder if they can feel my gratitude for the gift they have given me.”


PamelaYoga has been a part of my life, in varying degrees, for years, through books and videos and magazines. In my living room, or outside on my deck, sometimes with my sisters, but usually alone. And then I met Kristin, an angel on earth, and joined Nourishing Storm, and the world of yoga cracked wide open for me! They taught me it is the process of going deep within your mind and heart to find peace and focus on what is true and important, on and off the mat. All the while feeling your body getting stronger, holding you up and grounding you. It is setting intentions to become a fuller version of yourself, and carrying them through into everyday life. I will admit that some days are better than others for carrying them through.

I have always been a spiritual being. It’s who I am and how I was raised. The yoga way of thinking has enhanced my belief system and has helped bring peace, joy, and mindfulness to my actions and interactions with others and the world around me. I have more tools in my pocket to help get me through my day. And the classes are so much fun! Every teacher has a unique and special way of challenging you and accepting you where you are. A great combination! The community of people I have added to my life through yoga is one I treasure. Thank you Nourishing Storm!



BarbaraI flirted with yoga for years – popping Yoga for Dummies into the VCR now and then, taking an occasional class, etc. before getting somewhat more serious about it three years ago. I recall watching a movie one night at a friend’s home, when the woman sitting on the floor next to me, with her legs outstretched, bent forward, placing her elbows on the floor and her face into the palms of her hands. I was amazed that anyone could do that, let alone someone in her mid-60s. I asked what she attributed her flexibility to and was told that she’d been practicing yoga for years. Admiring her flexibility, I determined to take yoga more seriously.

So, being then in my mid-50s, I started taking weekly yoga classes at my community center, hoping to increase my strength, in addition to becoming more flexible. Then, one day, just a year ago, I was shopping at a store in Hatboro, when I noticed a sign across the street that read “Nourishing Storm”. And I was curious. So, I crossed the street to find out more. And that was how it began for me with NS.

Since then, I’ve been regularly attending classes and improving my practice. I quite like that Kristin’s instruction interweaves both the physical poses with the philosophy of yoga, which sets NS apart from other classes I attended. In addition to experiencing nature and the reflection it offers, I have enjoyed sharing the thoughts and insights from the people I have met by taking Yoga outside for Yoga Hikes at Pennypack Ecological Restoration Trust. No matter the location, the environment feels very nurturing, friendly, and supportive. I’ve become part of the NS community.

In addition to increased strength and flexibility, I feel challenged to grow in ways that I hadn’t imagined possible.

Besides developing my body, I’ve experienced increased grace in both mind and spirit. I feel more confident and comfortable in my own skin, more calm and centered, and even have a sense of clarity about my life that was previously lacking.Can it all be attributed to my NS experience? Perhaps not, but NS has been a catalyst for these changes. For that, I’m grateful to Kristin and the entire NS community.


Christine It was at my very first Nourishing Storm class in April that instructor Dan asked my name and what type of job I have. “I’m a behavior analyst,” was my answer and I explained that I work with children, most of whom have autism or other special needs. He listened and made a comment about people like me in care giving professions often needing to take care of themselves. And with that, my first class began.

Here we are just six months later and the ways in which my yoga practice has helped me to take care of myself are more than I would have ever imagined.

I have gone from signing on for that first trial month thinking this is something I really should do to looking forward to getting to class, feeling a sense of peace when I walk through the curtains. I’d hoped to and certainly have grown physically stronger but really believe that the mental, spiritual and emotional growth I’ve experienced is what I’m most grateful for.

I attend the classes at Studio 1 – Moy in my little town of Hatboro and love that such a place exists in this great community. In fact, I discovered it when walking my pup on York Road one day. Each instructor has something unique to offer us and all exude an inspiring sense of peace and calm. On my way out the door one morning, Megan told me, “Move slowly about your day”. I’ve thought about that statement so many times and have made an effort to slow things down and am enjoying my days more. For instance, instead of trying to do many things at once each morning while drinking several cups of coffee, sometimes misplacing my mug, I now make one cup and sit in my arm chair taking time to sip it, smell it and appreciate it.

Since I was about twelve, I have suffered from incapacitating migraines. Many of these would leave me in bed for two or three days, unable to function. Such headaches make every part of my body ache and don’t respond to medication. Although I have gotten them very much under control in the past several years, I do occasionally awaken with what I know to be the start of one. However, twice since starting regular yoga, I have had an amazing experience. Two times I’ve woken recognizing the start of a killer migraine and have been able to use all my strength, lie back down with my thumb and forefinger touching, breathing deeply and slowly and trying to send healing energy throughout my body. After just a short rest, I got up without the migraine. Words cannot explain how awesome this has been.


Christine As I sit and type these words in early September, it hard to believe that just 9 short months ago I was Yoga-less! Throughout the fall and winter of last year, I had grown increasingly frustrated with several issues in my relatively great little life. I was quite simply stressed out and tired of the quick fixes. I wanted and needed help making positive healthy lifestyle changes for both me and my family. One night as I sat venting to my husband, I stumbled onto the Nourishing Storm website. It was as though the clouds had parted and the sun shone through for the first time in months. Kristin’s holistic approach to coaching, emphasized the interconnectedness of all that we do and it was exactly what I was looking for. When I signed up for 6 months of coaching, I was hoping to shed both some weight and some stress. What I got was was so much more than that!

Throughout the spring, Kristin helped encourage me to change my approach to food and nutrition with activities that ranged from incredibly practical (take a trip to the grocery store, having a chef come to my house and help me cook), to philosophical (practicing mindful eating). I also began attending yoga classes several times a week, making a little time for some much needed “self care.” In a world that has grown increasingly distant and at times insincere, every visit to the Nourishing Storm studio left me more open to the beauty that surrounds us. Each member of the Nourishing Storm family exudes positivity, support and genuine care. They have become more that my yoga instructors, they have become my friends.

While I have benefited physically from my yoga practice, losing some weight and gaining in my flexibility, the biggest benefit was a shift in my perspective and comfort in my own skin. Although there have been so many “A-Ha” moments over the last 9 months, I don’t feel like I am a different person. I have simply begun the journey of shedding some of the layers that we hide behind for protection. I feel like each day I am able to see more of myself and for that I am incredibly grateful to Kristin. Her patient, generous and open spirit is infectious. Her soul shines.

The entire NS team is amazing, but I want to give a special word of thanks to Megan and Tera. To Megan, for the thoughtful passages she selects for her classes and especially for her magic reiki hands. And to Tera, for her gentle spirit in teaching my wayward toddler to paint the sky and catch the stars, and also for her kind and giving heart volunteering for 8 weeks with the children at College Settlement Camp.


“When I stumbled upon an event posting for Nourishing Storm this spring, I thought, this is too good to be true – a business that specializes in the 2 things I’m most into – yoga and healthy foods. And better yet, they practice regularly in my most favorite place in the area, (Pennypack Trust). Then I met Kristin and a couple members of her team and I was convinced that Nourishing Storm was about to become an inspiring source for lifestyle changes and adventure, and a place to connect with like-minded people.

It’s been really energizing to experience yoga with Nourishing Storm in the studio, on hiking trails, and even on the water. Kristin’s encouragement to join stand up paddle board yoga classes is helping me to gain unexpected victory over a long-time fear of water, and it’s challenging my balance and strength in new ways.

I quickly signed on for coaching sessions with Kristin after attending a couple Nourishing Storm events. Kristin is a catalyst for me. I get the impression that she boldly takes on just about any interesting challenge that comes her way.

To my surprise, Kristin’s encouragement has me saying “Yes!” to things I never thought I’d do – paddle board yoga, kayaking, barre3 workouts, & working toward a more plant-based diet. I’m getting back to interests and activities that matter to me. Most importantly, Im doing the work of getting healthier, happier, and more physically confident in my yoga practice and my life in general.

I think this is the start of something really great, and I’m very thankful to Kristin and Nourishing Storm for reigniting my desire for adventure and change.”


“My name is Rick Hilburn, I am a yoga student practicing at Nourishing Storm for the past 3 months. Initially, I started yoga because I was bothered by both tendinitis in my left elbow and an aching right shoulder. I picked up a book on yoga from the Horsham library which explained that yoga was good for keeping seniors flexible and balanced. Although I am not a senior yet, I am in my mid-fifties, my body was starting to rebel causing aches and pains in areas that had never bothered me before. Beginning in September of 2013, I attended a 10 week yoga class for beginners. As a result of attending the beginner classes and practicing poses from the book for a period of 6 weeks, I noticed that the discomfort in my elbow and shoulder was beginning to fade. I thought to myself, “Something good is happening here”.

I decided that I would continue practicing at home by myself and at a church In Northeast Philadelphia. It was here that I was introduced to Sun Salutations, Pigeon pose,Triangle pose and more. I practiced with this group for 3 months until the long distance drive took its toll on me. I had to find a studio closer to home. Thank you! This website led me to Nourishing Storm in Hatboro only 5 minutes away from home! During my 3 months of practice here, I received yoga instruction from 7 different teachers. I have improved upon the poses that I already knew while learning new poses as well.

After practicing yoga for the past nine months, I am happy with several positive results. First, the tendinitis in my elbow has not given me pain since the start of yoga. Second, my shoulder still acts up from time to time but the pain level is lower. The rest of my body feels great! When I look in the mirror I see more muscular arms and if I breath in deeply, I can see the start of a 6 pack!!! I feel more flexible in my joints especially my shoulders and hips. Lastly, my posture has improved. I believe that my backbone has benefited from the gentle stretches and holding the various yoga poses for extended amounts of time. I am more mindful of my posture when I walk or when I am seated. My shoulders have become used to being pulled back and my spine feels comfortable when it is straightened and extended. Also, it makes me happy when I know that I have lost 8 pounds since March 1st! For all these reasons, I plan on continuing my yoga practice at home and at Nourishing Storm!”



“Kristin and I have been working together for the past six months. My goal was to improve my overall health with an emphasis on eating healthier and reducing my need for diabetes medication. While working with Kristin I have: lost almost twenty pounds, started regular light exercise program, learned how to buy and cook healthier foods. Kristin has a way about her that encourages you to try new things that you would not normally consider; my first Yoga class was with Kristin. I learn best with a combination of hands-on education and written reference, Kristin used these methods of education for me. Kristin combined her strong organization and business sense with her hands-on teaching method and that made it easy for me to learn. If you are ready for a healthier change in your life I strongly recommend Kristin Ritter as your guide.”

-Richard (Tock)

“Kristin is an amazing coach who leads by example.  She has a calming presence that is truly contagious.  Her kind, caring nature made me feel comfortable sharing my innermost thoughts and concerns with her.  She helped me set actionable goals for health and wellness, and provided support and guidance to help me achieve them.  Working with Kristin has helped me to focus on the present moment and not stress about the future or worry about the past.  I would highly recommend Kristin to anyone who wants to improve their health and overall well-being.”

– Kim

colleen-web“The studio is cozy and clean and the class is awesome. Kristin gives a great mix of strength, twist, balance and flow work in a really comfortable environment! Best way to end the work week is with Friday evening yoga!


shelia-web“I met Kristin through The Institute of Integrative Nutrition School of NYC where we are both students of their health coaching program. After meeting her on several occasions, I decided to enroll in her yoga class because of her wonderful spirit and positive attitude. Furthermore, I admire her focus in the “whole person” as in mind, body and spirituality. I have learned a lot from her on how unhealthy food choices, environment and personal stress can cause toxicity build up in your body.  Before taking her class, I have been carrying a lot of personal stress which probably contributed to my lower back pain. After a couple yoga sessions with Kristin, I learned different ways to meditate, breathe and stretch my body. Through her calm personality, knowledge and expertise in yoga I was able to refocus my way of thinking about food and how stress can affect my overall well being.  In addition to her knowledge, Kristin comes with great listening skills which makes her a valuable health coach and yoga instructor”.


dawn-web“Kristin is a fantastic yoga instructor as well as a beautiful person inside and out. I have taken several classes and I am impressed with the quality of instruction and the space.-Dawn


Sandy-webI have been working with Kristin as a health coach for the past three months. She is an absolute joy! She has such a calming, patient, reassuring presence, and she makes me feel like I truly can accomplish any goal that I set with ease! Kristin is a very good listener, and I feel understood. She is also a wonderful cheerleader and also is never at a loss for helping me with the perfect tip or bit of valuable advice to keep me on track. I have been working with Kristin from a distance-over videoconferencing-which hasn’t lessened the impact from meeting in person one bit. When I am in town next, I am going to make sure that I attend one of her yoga classes. I highly recommend her!”

– Sandy 

bean-web“I have known Kristin for many of years and always had the passion for teaching yoga. The studio is very nice and clean. Kristin is a wonderful instructor and cares about her students. She is a wonderful person and love her to pieces. I would recommended her classes to anyone.”


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