Guided Meditation

“Meditation is a way for nourishing and blossoming the divine within you.” – Amit Ray

Dhyana (Meditation), one of the 8 limbs of yoga is the state of absorption with a focus on simply being. It is a practice that takes time and patience and one that is more about depth then length. The benefits include but are not limited to: stress relief, mental clarity, improved mood, enhancement in self-esteem and self-acceptance, strong immune system, heightened energy levels and a greater connection to yourself and all those around you. There are many methods and ways to get there, it simply takes patience and dedication to find the best one for you. Come experience and discover a variety of methods to the practice in a safe and supported environment.

Cost: Members free; Non-members $5

Offered: Held every other Sunday at 11am. All levels welcome.

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Mid-Day Meditation

“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own thoughts, unguarded.” – Buddha

A few of the many benefits resulting from a regular, sustained meditation practice include: reducing stress, strengthening focus, improving mood, enhancing self-esteem and boosting confidence. In this new weekday meditation class you will practice turning inward to cultivate stillness and build awareness. Join us as we strive to become more open, grateful, joyous, peaceful and loving human beings. You will experience tried and true meditation techniques, explore new methods and discover what works best for you. Together we will learn, share, laugh and cry, all in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment. No previous meditation experience needed.

Cost: Suggested Donation $5-10

Offered: Held Wednesdays & Fridays at 11am. All levels welcome.

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What is a Reiki Share?

A Reiki Share or Reiki Circle is the gathering of healers and Reiki Practitioners who come together with the intention of sharing healing Life Force Energy known as Reiki.

Our Reiki Shares are open to the public in a comfortable, casual, friendly environment and begins with a brief introduction on the subject of Reiki. Those receiving Reiki are fully clothed, and may sit in a chair, or recline on yoga mats and blankets. The experience of Life Force Energy from the Reiki Practitioners and healers are for the highest good of the recipient and experiences may differ, as each are unique as the recipient.

Cost: Members free; Non-members $5

Offered: Held every other Sunday at 11am. All levels welcome.

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Nourishing Run (Be supported and RUN)

Nourishing Run is a mindful practice that encourages all types of runners to come together to get moving, support one another, connect and have fun while on the … RUN. The run consists of a 3 mile loop through the beautiful borough of Hatboro with the option to take a rest (back at the studio) or complete the run at 1.5 miles. We welcome all levels of runners and encourage you to run at your own pace. This run is followed by a Yoga Release class, all runners are encouraged to stay to build strength, balance and flexibility.

Coming this spring.


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