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Introducing 2018 themes …

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2017 was a year for transformation, for coming into the light, but also allowing the darkness to inspire us to go within, take time for stillness and then allowing movement to heal us and let us grow and expand.

We worked together on creating a vision, and with that we sunk into our passion.
We were brave warriors as we leapt into the direction of our dreams, that to which gave us so much energy to be inspired to be our authentic selves and let our light really shine through. Freedom came naturally from here, the freedom to beYOUtiful. Things were flowing in this space of love and light which helped us trust the process, to all that was happening for us. Then as the leaves started to fall, it was time to root in order to fully be in the glory to rise strong like trees, creating a solid foundation to reach for the stars. We took it all in as we embraced the journey and the beauty in it all!

If you are just joining our NS tribe and family (and we are so glad you are here) or had quite a busy year, here are the themes we explored in 2017, our year in review …

2017 THEMES:

-Each brought to us by the beautifully inspiring, Nikki Savage- yogi, healer, mama, friend, herbalist, massage therapist and writer just to name a few.

And now it is time to keep this remarkable movement going, to find deeper connection, higher purpose and the boundless joy. 2018 is all about dancing in the rain, dancing when it is sunny and bright, dancing just to feel more alive and free; in this space anything is possible!

2018 THEMES:
January– Anchor
February– Discover
March– Develop
April– Devote
May– Activate
June– Motivate
July– Wonder
August– Wander
September– Ease
October– Grace
November– Serve
December– Community

To your journey, may it be guided by love, light, peace and joy! Namaste
The Nourishing Storm Team

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