Dec 29th

Introducing our 2019 Themes …

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2018 was a year for anchoring down, discovering our true selves, developing from this most authentic place, devoting to the practices that guide us, finding motivation along the way, tapping into our childlike sense of wonder and then wandering and getting just a bit lost along the way, in a good way! As fall came, we found ease and then gracefully met ourselves in service, the places we are meant to serve, and most importantly connection to the communities that support, inspire, and help us grow.

If you are just joining our NS tribe and family (and we are so glad you are here) or had quite a year, here are the themes we explored in 2018, our year in review …

2018 THEMES:




April– Devote





September–  Ease


November– Service

December– Community

-Each brought to us by the beautifully inspiring, Nikki Savage- yogi, healer, mama, friend, herbalist, massage therapist and writer just to name a few.

And now it is time to begin anew! 2019 is all about celebrating new beginnings, being the observer, forgiving anywhere that is needed and trusting the process. We will plant seeds of intention, bloom where we stand and be brave with where the journey takes us. Bliss will be our guiding force as we move forward in calming ways and allow the delicate balance of harmony reign, appreciating all that is within and before us and then together we transform!

2019 THEMES:

January- Begin

February- Observe

March- Forgive

April– Trust

May– Plant

June- Bloom

July- Brave

August- Bliss

September- Calm

October– Harmony

November- Appreciate

December- Transform

To your journey in 2019, may it be guided by love, light, peace and joy!  Namaste

– The Nourishing Storm Team

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