Jun 30th

Lessons learned on Abundance and finding your Spark

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“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires to help you achieve it.”  – Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


For the past few years I have been on a journey with a real focus on building something, a wellness community that supports and meets people along their path towards total health and well-being.  And as I opened my heart and mind to the possibility that I could actual accomplish my dream, and that there were people, omens, and natural forces that were conspiring to help me find my way, the path started getting brighter and easier to navigate.

But, it was not always this way, I had some very had dark clouds following me (by choice of course as I have learned), the kind of clouds or disposition you see in those that feel lost. But I can now actually see and feel the other side and I want to share my journey in finding my light and the path of so many others that have their found way and are living the life they have always imagined.

My own journey …

From an early age, I always knew that I wanted to help people, but I never knew what I could do or how to get started.  So I did what was natural to me, I kept busy and worked on helping others build their dream.  And so for years, I let long hours and stress rule my life. Work always came first, work that was not even truly mine. My family and my personal goals came last and life was about checking off the “to do” list. I could not get through a single day without “accomplishing” what I thought to be “a lot”.

Now my days are different or at least they are starting to move in another direction. They are now guided by love from those all around me, the light I can now see so clearly and the confidence to move forward with my dream.  Finding this within myself has enabled me to find it in others and that has changed my world.  My path is now lit by the energy of all those around me and my surroundings. As I got clear on the direction I needed to go, I started to shift my focus on what was going to get me there, even if it took giving up what was safe. The people I meet now are reflecting back their energy, passion, drive … and ultimately, helping me to believe in actually fulfilling my dream and living an abundant life.

The lesson became very clear in a book I read recently on my flight from Seattle to Philly, it was, The Alchemist. The author, Paulo Coelho ignited my inner fire,  faith and emphasis on the journey and all that comes with it. He offered the following simple steps:


First, you must get clear and find your true passion.  Coelho beautifully provides the example, we were once young and believed anything can happen and then as we grew up, we believed that maybe our dreams were not real.  But, I urge you to believe in them, they came from somewhere very pure and if we can dig deep and tap into your spark, what makes us feel alive and gives us purpose, we can finally start along the path. And once you get started, you will never want to turn back.


The second stage is to love. This one was tricky for me, not because I have a lack of love that I give or receive, but because I did not understand that you could love intensely as a daughter, wife, mother, and friend should, while still pursuing your passion. But this is exactly the truth, those that love you will support you along your journey and you need love to help guide your way.


Next is courage to get through the obstacles that will surely come along (they are all blessed gems, and yes you are strong enough to get through them- you were designed this way, you just may not know or see it yet).


Last comes patience- to see your dreams through to the end and accept all that comes, flowing with ease and grace- the hardest lesson of all. But the treasures you will find, just as the storms that nourish your very being (if you let them, remember it is a choice, and their is always a lesson in each storm) are always worth the journey.

The outcome and our new Project, Om with Nature

I am now on my way to growing a wellness community and every single day, meeting someone that provides more light to help guide my way or wants to join in on the journey. I am working with wellness shops, winery’s, farmers markets, martial arts studios, nature centers, and much more planning events and wellness workshops and in the process meeting some amazingly loving people that are all in it for the same reason … and that feels great.  Most recently, I took a trip to the North West for some much needed exploring, I found myself asking others that were living their life’s dream their secret … what drove them, and how did they make it happen. So this inspired me to start up a new project, OM with Nature, a place you can read about inspirational stories of people that walked right into the storm and found their way with grace and ease. The first post is on my good Yogi friend Omer’s story on living in the moment as he simply takes off, literally, when he sees an opportunity.

Here is my take away’s on living abundantly and finding your spark:

– Don’t let setbacks (or dark clouds) keep you down, find your passion and keep moving forward
– Look for opportunities everywhere
– Don’t be afraid to ask … if you see an opportunity, chances are, they may too
– Lead from your heart, you can’t go wrong, the universe will send you help along the way
– Be open, be present and accept everyone you meet as a gift

So go out there, ask the hard questions (questions below to get you started), and surround yourself with positive people that will help guide you and be open, both in your hearts and minds.

– What would success and an abundant life look like for you?
– What makes you feel the most alive, happy and fulfilled?
– What is stopping you from getting there?
– What steps will you take to get there?

Enjoy, embrace and live in the journey … ready set go!

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