Sep 25th

Local Yoga Studio and Cafe Offers Licensing Option

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Yoga Studio & Café on York Road in Hatboro, PA, has announced it will be licensing its brand and business model to aspiring yoga and wellness entrepreneurs, according to “Storm” founder Kristin Ritter, Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Vinyasa Flow Teacher, wellness coach and business consultant.

“For the past 18 years I have been helping businesses grow,” says Ritter. “Now that Nourishing Storm has been created, my sole mission is to help passionate people create their own storms.”

Nourishing Storm Yoga Studio opened six years ago with the purpose of bringing yoga and wellness to the communities around Hatboro. After two years of renting space from another business, the Storm opened its own studio in 2014 and a year later expanded to create a whole foods café.

Ritter’s vision was to use the studio and café as the foundation for a community built around healthy and life-affirming practices such as yoga, healing arts, fine art, music, nature and nutrition. Nourishing Storm offers a variety of workshops, events and classes from Reiki, hiking and paddleboard yoga to meditation, essential oil demonstrations, and activities devoted to children and teens. The café serves creative, healthy fare from smoothies and juices to quinoa bowls, salads, wraps and awesome waffles. Many of the ingredients are locally sourced in line with Ritter’s community focused philosophy. The café also hosts local musicians and an Open Mic Night.

“My intention was to create a safe haven, a place for people to come together for yoga, healthy eating, healing arts, music and more, says Ritter. “Every time I walk into the café, I see people hugging, smiling, laughing and gathering. Friendships are being formed that continue outside of the café and studio walls.”

Based on the success of Nourishing Storm in Hatboro, Ritter decided it was time to “share the love.” She says she is looking for people who are passionate about connection, growth and healing. Though starting a new business is challenging, Ritter says that with someone holding your hand, anything is possible and no one will have to face the storm alone.

“I will work with anyone interested in licensing a Nourishing Storm yoga studio and/or cafe to help them find the right space, write a business plan and select the food preparation equipment they need,” says Ritter. “I will also guide them in marketing, publicity, selling memberships, and most importantly of all, hiring the right people.”

Ritter also communicates regularly with other yoga studio and café owners to learn different businesses practices and incorporate those that might work for Nourishing Storm.

“I see what works and what keeps a business sustainable and the key is to collaborate with and people who have been doing it,” she says.

Ritter says she believes that a place like Nourishing Storm draws other health and wellness businesses to an area. Since the Storm opened, Hatboro has become home to a vegan restaurant as well as several art-based enterprises, many of which Ritter not only patronizes but partners with on events and promotions.

“Everyday, people from other areas come into the Storm and say, ‘I want this in my town,’” says Ritter. I believe every town should have a gathering space to connect and grow and I want to make that happen.”
For more information on Nourishing Storm Wellness Co., Nourishing Storm Yoga Studio & Café and licensing opportunities, contact Kristin Ritter at or visit

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