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Meet Sam: Masseuse, Dancer, Yogini & Creative Teacher

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Sam_200x288Teaching Style/Method:
Vinyasa flow, restorative yoga and anything playful or creative I enjoy teaching:)

Favorite Quote:
“The soul is always telling you the right way to go, but you will need to take the leap of faith and trust, and act upon the inner guidance.” – Sanaya Roman

What made you want to teach yoga?
In my life, I feel that I am constantly searching for perfect balance.  I came down this path when I became a massage therapist in 1999 this allowed me to search for balance in more ways than one, and I’ve been trying to expand my horizons for balance ever since.  I first started practicing yoga when I was pregnant with my first child as a way to stay fit and healthy.  I fell in love with yoga finding those calm moments from stretching and breathing with movements during my pregnancy.  I decided to teach yoga to help inspire people, to promote their health and well being. I look forward to helping people understand what makes them healthy and happy in life.

What is your favorite yoga pose?
Lord of Dance pose (Natarajasana)

What advice would you give to someone just starting out yoga?
Have fun with yoga and see what makes you flow. Be playful, connect with yourself and enjoy all that yoga has to offer.

Yoga Flow Wednesdays 6:30pm (Studio 2- Sanctum, Huntingdon Valley)


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