Jan 1st

Ommm Healing Journey: Service, Love Unbonded

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I couldn’t quite separate November’s service theme from October’s grace nor from December’s community.  The link with community seems very obvious. But the way between grace and service may not be obvious at all.   But it comes a little clearer when life is viewed as an opportunity to be of service and each day an opportunity to do better.

That is why I referred to them as faith and practice.  I find the experience of grace to be proof of a higher love.  A release of the binding on our hearts that inspires faith. And I wish to be a servant to this unbinding, so I must practice.  There is grace to be found when we act in service to compassion, when we speak in service to kindness, when we work in service to integrity and live in service to truth.  

I am not ashamed to say I do not know what that all looks like in perfect practice.  So at the end of the day, I breathe in service to gratitude and find the heart to try this living thing again.

Nikki is a Mother, Wife, Healer, Hopeful Suburban Homesteader acknowledges words are her mind’s tools; writing her soul’s craft; and this circus of life her heart’s muse. Read more from Nikki here on her blog, The Way I Bee. Nikki’s massage therapy and energy healing, including reiki/cranio with some spontaneous journey work, are part of the offerings at Nourishing Storm Wellness Company.

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