May 15th

Ommm Healing Journey- Trust

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So I guess I wasn’t done forgiving.  I guess all is a lot of forgive.  But somehow I feel I’m getting there.  I forgave because I want to grow and roots that are feeding off of my woundedness will keep me hurting and small.  Forgiveness severs that root and frees that energy to move to a place that offers more nourishment. That is how I found my way finally with forgiveness.  I continue to practice with her daily.


And it was quite the month to take her as my teacher.  Perhaps forgiveness hit hard for some of you this past month as well.  For me, a day is drawing near that looms over so many days before it. And this pain I feel is different than one of injustice though it hardly seems fair.  This needs a different kind of forgiveness. One that pays forward. Forgiving the future, releasing it to form however it may, to work on me however it will.  That kind of forgiveness manifests as trust.


Trust is letting go of worry so I can focus on now.  Tomorrow I have forgiven already so today can have me fully.  That is the lesson Trust has offered me this month. I owe life my all.


Whatever life is going to do, it is going to do.  No matter what will become or be no more in this world, I have faith Love continues in us all.  I forgive what may darken my tomorrows in advance, so that I am free to give more of myself over to the Love that can brighten my now.  Whatever may happen next, if it is good, I trust that Love is never ending and will continue to flow. If it is bad, I trust that Love is never ending and will continue to flow.  I forgive, I trust so I am free to love more.

“Ultimate freedom has nothing to do with your life circumstances – it is the freedom of allowing the self to dissolve into the waves of the ocean. It is the freedom that is born through one’s absolute trust in life.” ― Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys: 55~ The Music of Change


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