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‎”Whatever you are by nature, keep to it; never desert your line of talent. Be what nature intended you for, and you will succeed.” – Sydney Smith

Wow, what can we say about the Nourishing Storm team beyond that, each and every person that has been involved in building, planning and creating the inspiration are truly beautiful, passionate beings that understand the giving of themselves for the greater good of all. The team is made up of those who take delight in helping others grow and be their own lights for others and so on and so on. So without further a ‘do, here is our team:


Founder, Director of Wellness, Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Instructor

“Whatever happens, just keep smiling and lose yourself in love.”-Rumi

Kristin set out on her path 17 years ago to find ways to help others heal and find wellness through movement and nutrition. After being certified as an AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, Kristin found Yoga and completely fell in love with the peace it brought her as well the connection she felt with every living being. She continued studying Yoga, earning her 200 RYT in Vinyasa Flow which ignited the fire to light her path for growth and much deeper understanding as she opened up Nourishing Storm Wellness Company located in Hatboro, PA.

Her passion for sharing healthy eating really came alive in her first pregnancy, as she realized that our bodies, every action we take, even every thought we have, comes from what we eat. From that point, she looked to nature for nourishment and has never looked back. She continued her studies at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition® to be Holistic Health Coach to coach clients both in her studio as well as throughout the nation, conducting nutritional seminars at health clubs and wellness centers.

When she is not on her mat, playing with her two beautiful children, cooking up a storm at the cafe, or looking for the next trail or paddle board to test her practice on, she is reading and writing about wellness through awareness, movement and nutrition. Her life’s work is now dedicated to creating harmony between yoga and food, making healthy (soulful) living accessible, joyful and nourishing for all!

In Spring of 2018 she launched her first book “Spiraling to Wellness” which discusses the first 12 themes of Nourishing Storm and contained within each chapter are stories, powerful questions, recipes, yoga and movement practices, mantras and much more!

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Director of Design & Happiness, Lead Yoga Instructor & Culinary Artist

“You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching, love like you’ll never be hurt, sing like there’s nobody listening, and live like it’s heaven on earth.” William W. Purkey

Megan began her yoga journey at a young age and, as many find, doing yoga reduced stress and anxiety from day-to-day life. She continued to have a steady practice but then fell away from it as she created a new path with Graphic Design and Marketing.

Inspired by friend, co-worker and owner Kristin, she deepened her study of asana and healing at Yogasphere Newtown and completed her RYT-200HR in 2014. Megan is also a certified Reiki Practitioner, receiving Level 1 at Yogasphere and Level 2 with Ellen Carey.

Eager to move forward, Megan’s role a Nourishing Storm expanded from Designer to Yoga Instructor to Juice Bar Gal. You can find her happily whipping up smoothies and healing bites to serve up and co-leading 200HR Teacher Training.

Her teaching style is joyful and healing, bringing elements of pranayama, meditation, mantra, reiki, movement and alignment and if called to, the use of her energy cards to help bring further guidance to those needing it!

She has striven to bring in the healing, restorative side of yoga to the community and is currently leading Reiki Shares at Nourishing Storm. Megan is available for private instruction in asana, guided relaxation, meditation and reiki.

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Yoga Instructor

“Some of your hurts you have cured,and the sharpest you’ve even survived,but what torments of grief you’ve endured, from evils which never arrived.”- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Rick did not find yoga until his middle age, that is, after 50 years of age. He was feeling fine through his 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. But, then he developed some mid-life aches and pains in the form of tendinitis in both elbows and a pain in his back underneath the shoulder blade. After 6 weeks of practice as a beginner, he noticed the pain in the elbows was gone and the shoulder blade issue was subsiding. That was all it took for him to realize that he found something real and special. He continued practicing at Nourishing Storm for two years attending a wide variety of classes and events. Then, he boldly signed up for and completed the Teacher Training Program at NS, earning his 200 RYT in Vinyasa Flow in April 2016.

In addition to the practice of yoga, Rick enjoys kayaking and gardening. “It is my belief,” he says, “that yoga will keep me in good, physical shape so that I can continue to do the things I love, and love and be loved by family and friends for many years to come.” He tries not to worry and this quote has proved to be helpful for him during some of life’s troubling, challenging times.



Yoga Instructor

“Once in awhile you get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right…” – The Grateful Dead

Mindy has been weaving the practices of yoga & meditation throughout her entire life, and now as a teacher, she is dedicated to never let the practices go – to keep that path lit and venture deeper. When she is not perfecting her art of grooming and healing animals, you can find her in her garden, cooking, studying metaphysics, and even doing Doga (Yoga with her Dog(s)- coming soon to the Storm this Summer).

Mindy is atuned in Reiki and IET, with an emphasis on healing animals. Mindy says, “Nature is my automatic meditation. When I am out in nature, I am looking for the fairies in every realm.” You can experience her playful spirit in her Yoga Spirit & Yoga Restore classes.



Yoga Instructor

“Let my inspiration flow in token lines suggesting rhythm that will not foresake me till my tale is told and done. ..” Robert Hunter

Trish found yoga as a regular practice several years ago at the Hatboro Library. After being offered a wonderful opportunity to practice regularly -thank you Kristin and Megan!- she fell in love with it and hasn’t looked back. For her, it’s more than physical. It’s about the spirituality and the awareness it brings to your life. She tries to share this with those she guides, bringing a sense of humor and fun to her classes.



Yoga Instructor

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darknesss that most frightens us.” -Marianne Williamson

Jake’s yoga journey began just after graduating high school. He always had big dreams and expectations for himself and his life but as he attempted to complete college he found himself growing more and more incomplete and passionless. Jake grew up loving to challenge himself and learn new ways to move in his body. Whether it was kick flipping on his skateboard or throwing his opponent in a cradle on the wrestling mat he enjoyed the thrill of expanding his potential. But once he graduated high school “life hit him” and there was two questions that led him to be where he is now. Those questions were, “Who am I and why am I here, & if I can’t be happy then what is the point of all this (life)?

From these questions came an insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding. Jake decided he was going to carve his own path to freedom and self-expression. So he began reading and studying all things on the topics of consciousness, spirituality and love and was soon attracted to the art and philosophy of yoga. Yoga was a perfect fit for Jake as he found a new way to challenge himself mentally, physically and discovered a source to connect to life more spiritually.

A few short years later he completed his 200 hour yoga teacher training under Amma Yanni Yoga School in Wyncote. Yoga has helped Jake tap into the unlimited potential he believes we ALL have and has granted his life with a sense of passion and purpose. He believes that anything is possible and aims to instill this optimism within every student who takes his classes. He now devotes his time to help his students discover their natural power to create a life they love that is filled with peace, purpose and joy.

When off his yoga mat you can find Jake wandering the wilderness on his mountain bike, kayak or swinging through the trees like Tarzan! Come join Jake and you will be sure to walk out of class feeling Alive, Awake and Aware to all that life has to offer!


Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner & Juice Bar Gal

“Don’t gain the world and lose your soul, Wisdom is better than silver and gold.” – Bob Marley

Nikki has been a massage therapist since 2003. She has studied various massage techniques including Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, PNF Stretching, and Champissage along with Swedish and Deep Tissue massage. She also studied energy and shamanic healing and is a Level 2 Reiki Practitioner and a Level 1 CranioSacral Therapist. Nikki considers her clients to be her teachers and is grateful for the opportunity each brings to grow in her practice.


Deg Avtar

Director of Design & Happiness, Lead Yoga Instructor & Culinary Artist

“Where there is LOVE, there is no question.” – Yogi Bhajan

Deg Avtar began his “spiritual journey” after dropping out of college during his sophomore year. He felt lost in the world and had some serious questions about life and the purpose of it. They say you find your way to your spiritual path one of three ways, either by grace, through your family, or out of necessity, for Nicholas it was out of necessity. Through his questioning, powerful guidance started to come through and when Yoga came into his life, he never looked back, he went all in.

He first was certified as a 200 hr RYT Vinyasa Yoga Instructor under Bridget Yanni and kept on learning and studying and teaching as much as he possibly could. The will to dive in as a student and teacher of Yoga lead him to San Diego where he lived in a Ashram for three years studying the technology of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan under teachers Guru Mantra Singh Khalsa, and his wife, Meherbani Kaur Khalsa. He completed the level 1 teacher training and became a Kundalini Yoga teacher certified by the Kundalini Yoga Internalional research Institute and the 3HO foundation.

Deg Avtar’s driving passion in life is to serve”his people” by sharing the beautiful science of yoga and the power it has to transform your life in the very best way, and in every aspect. His goal in class is to deliver an experience so that you may know your soul. Leaving his students with the message that what we do here on our mats is practice, the real Yoga, meditation, and prayer is how we Life our lives. As Yogi Bhajan always said, “if you can’t see God in all, you can’t see God at all.”



Yoga Instructor

“Don’t worry if you are making waves by simply being yourself. The moon does it all the time.” Scott Stabile

After 10 plus year teaching cycle and fitness classes, I found my passion in yoga. After completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training in April, I begun teaching strength based flow yoga classes. I try to take my experience with fitness and weight training to the mat, focusing on micro-movements of the different muscle groups to help students find their power.



Yoga Instructor & Artist

“You are not a drop in ocean, you are the entire ocean in a drop” – Rumi

Kate is a Yoga teacher and artist. She has a big heart for sharing and inspiring people through Yoga and artistic expression of all forms.

She believes these passions are the source of power for her joy and healing energy in life. After stepping on the mat for the first time 10 years ago, Kate started practicing intermittently, feeling the positive effects on her mind and body. She eventually decided to become a teacher so she could share her joy of Yoga with others.

Since graduating RYT 200 in Spring 2017 at Nourishing Storm, Kate has been enjoying every moment of teaching Yoga and hopes to continue to share Yoga’s positive health benefits and deepen her own experience in the future.



Yoga Instructor

“Wherever you stand, Be the soul of that Place” ~ Rumi

Teresa was introduced to the healing arts in 2004 when she received her certificate in massage therapy after completing 550 hours of training. Though she did not pursue a career in massage therapy, her education started her on a journey for a deeper understanding of maintaining her health – mind, body and spirit. Teresa had been doing yoga on and off during this time of self discovery but it wasn’t until she joined Nourishing Storm a little over 2 years ago that it clicked with her that yoga is not just about the asana. It is a way of life.

This realization changed her life forever. She noticed when she strayed from her practice, the effects went beyond the mat and into her everyday. With this newfound knowledge of yoga’s far reaching holistic effects, she felt compelled to share this experience with anyone seeking balance in their lives.

She completed the 200 TT Program at NS. And although it is not her full time profession, she is grateful for every opportunity she has to create a space for others to find their connection on the mat so they too can experience the bliss of a regular yoga practice.

An avid gardener and amateur nature photographer, Teresa finds her center most easily when she is outdoors.



Yoga Instructor

“I exist as I am, that is enough.” – Walt Whitman

John came to the yogic life later than most. But since arriving he has embraced it wholeheartedly. With the inspirational guidance of Kristin Ritter, John found his path and began his journey to awakening in 2016. Since then, he has continued to transform his mind, body and spirit through the many practices of these ancient traditions. John’s main focus has been on learning and incorporating the philosophy of secular Buddhism into his life. In 2018, John retired from a 35 year career in Information Technology, completed Nourishing Storm’s 200 RYT Teacher Training program and embarked on his new calling. He can now be found sharing his belief that true happiness and inner peace are not the purview of a fortunate few, but rather a treasure to be enjoyed by all who open their mind and heart to it. When not sharing his love with students, patrons and colleagues at “The Storm”, John is happiest tending his vegetable garden and dining out or travelling with his wonderful wife, Sue.



Yoga Instructor, Juice Bar Gal

Nikki began her spiritual journey at the age of 13 when she received her first Reiki attunement. At the age of 18, she received her Reiki Master attunement and has now been practicing for 18 years. From this, sprang just the right amount of openness and light to be blessed with several intuitive healing gifts over the years.

Experiencing a low point in her life, she found yoga and instantly fell in love with the strength and calm she had gained from it. Both mind and body were being brought back to life!Yoga pulled her out of the pit and so she decided to enroll in teacher training in the hopes of giving others what she had received not very long ago.



Yoga & Dance Instructor

Angela has been dedicated to the art of movement and healing for over a decade. She recognized her love for dance and the arts at an early age and has been studying, choreographing, and instructing various dance styles since 2000. While earning her BFA in dance, Angela began a personal exploration of the use of movement for spiritual, mental, and emotional healing. Her journey led her to earning an MA in Dance/Movement Therapy from Drexel University. As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist, Angela has worked with a variety of populations including individuals diagnosed with emotional/behavioral/developmental disorders and individuals living with chronic medical conditions. Angela has a specific clinical interest in women’s issues, body image, and self esteem. She is inspired by the use of dance as a tool for emotional empowerment. Over the past couple of years, Angela has welcomed the benefits of a yoga practice into her life and is thrilled by the opportunity to integrate the healing arts into this practice. When not working, dancing or practicing yoga, Angela enjoys spending time with her husband and teaching their 2 young girls how to become strong, confident, and fierce little people.


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