Jun 14th

Pose of the Month: Virabhadrasana III – Warrior III

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Virbhadrasana, the name of a fierce warrior, an incarnation of Shiva, described as having a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, and a thousand feet takes this pose with strength, grace and balance. As with any balance poses, staying present, listening to the subtle movements of the body, and practicing often is key to finding your best expression. Balance comes with understanding and embracing opposites. Within this pose, experiment with reaching forward as far as you can with your fingers and back with your toes. What you may find in the center is your ultimate place of unwavering balance.

Benefits (from

Strengthens the ankles and legs

Strengthens the shoulders and muscles of the back

Tones the abdomen

Improves balance and posture


Start in Tadasana (Mountain Pose), and fold forward into Uttasana.

On your next inhale step your left leg back to high lunge.

Shifting your weight to your right leg, inhale and start to lift your left foot off the ground keeping your hips parallel with the floor.

Then start by lifting each hand a few inches off the floor, alternating for a few breaths.

When you are ready, take both hands to your hips, reach forward through your chest and start to reach your hands forward as well to the full expression of the pose.


Stretch your arms out to the sides, like the wings of an airplane

Reaching them back, palms facing up, along the sides of your torso

You can also build up strength by lowering your knees to the ground and lifting alternate arm and leg.

Take yoga mudra behind back


You can have a partner support you in the pose by having them lightly hold onto your palms as you reach out. Take turns and enjoy supporting each other.


Practice on all fours, alternating lift arms

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