Corporate Wellness

yogaandfoodforyourmood2We are passionate about bringing wellness to the workplace. We believe corporations grow stronger as individuals join together to focus on their health and wellness needs.

“Having happy and healthy employees is a key ingredient to our success!  Offering programs like yoga to our employees is a great way to show that we value our employees’ wellness.  It’s great to stretch, breathe, move and learn together. It’s also been a great way for employees to connect with one another in a different way.”- Lauren, Softerware


Increases productivity and mental focus
Encourages creative thinking and intuitive problem solving
Provides effective ways to cope with stress
Supports team-building
Improving overall health and wellbeing, reducing sick days

I thoroughly enjoyed the meditation time with Kristin at my work. We did 30 minutes of meditation during our busy season and it really helped me relax, breathe and re-center myself so I could re-focus and continue the rest of my hectic day. The second part of the day I felt much calmer and at peace, I loved it!  Thank you Kristin.

-Lauren, The Pros

Services we offer:

Customized programs for your business
Weekly mind-body classes (all levels)
Nutrition Consultations (private & group)
Smoothie Demos & Workshops
Massage Therapy
Corporate discounts businesses with 10 or more member signing up

Contact us to discuss your corporate wellness strategy.

I deal with angry clients for most of my work day. We brought Kristin in to do 30 minutes of meditation and it really helped bring my stress level down. It was so peaceful and helped clear my mind. I can’t wait to do it again!

-Angela, The Pros

I’ve done meditation before but never in the middle of the work day. Wow, it really helped me get through the day and cleared my mind. It was very nice.

-Kelly, The Pros

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