Energetic Upgrades

I meditate on your energy for an hour before we meet and make notes as to what I see in your energy field and current situation. When we meet, I ask you a couple simple questions on what you would like to manifest. Many times the information I receive in my meditation is what you need to hear to help you along your journey. Throughout the session and after a bit of life coaching together, we write a list of action steps that will help propel you forward. The action steps may range from certain foods you should be eating or avoiding, affirmations you can say to yourself, messages from your guides to help build up your confidence, new ways to look at a particular situation, new routines to consider within your schedule, etc. Once you start to put your list into action, newness will step into your life and you will start to flourish. Sessions normally last around 30-45 minutes.

Cost: $75

About Julie
Julie is an intuitive life coach who loves connecting the mind, body and spirit together. She has realized through her own journey that without paying attention to all three elements, you may live a very unbalanced life. She has been inspired by her own struggles and healing to help others find their happiness in life as well. You can find out more about her and her services at https://www.healthwithjulie.com/

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