Own a NS Studio and/or Cafe

Ever consider opening up your own studio and/or cafe. We would love to help! Whether you fell in love with what we are doing here at Nourishing Storm and want a turn-key solution or want to create a name of your own but could use some support to get there, we are here to help you create the business and life of your dreams!



Nourishing Storm Wellness Company is made up of experienced instructors, coaches and foodies that are passionate about healing and sharing wellness practices, each designed to inspire and transform. We offer weekly classes (both indoor and outdoor), monthly Yoga and Food inspired workshops, private and group health coaching as well as an array of healthy foods in our cafe. Our mission is to make the practice of yoga, healthy eating and joyful living approachable, purposeful and nourishing for all.

Company Ownership

Nourishing Storm Wellness Company is a S corporation that is fully owned and operated by Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach and Yoga Instructor, Kristin Ritter.

Company History

Nourishing Storm Yoga Studio

This is where we started back in 2012 offering weekly yoga classes in a Martial Arts Studio. Within 2 years time, we had a following and the name recognition big enough to start our first Nourishing Storm Studio with an emphasis on the belief that “anyone can yoga.” The studio space is there to create community while offering a safe space for students to practice. As we have found after more than 15 years in the industry, students that come to yoga are healing from something- whether it be mental, physical, emotional, spiritual or maybe a little of each. The instructors that are hired teach from their heart and facilitate growth within their teachings.

We offer classes for all levels with different focused themes. Yoga Calm, Yoga Align & Yoga Restore are gentle and great for beginners, Yoga Bliss and Yoga Flow for students who want to move (and sweat) more, Yoga Spirit for those want to tap into the playful spiritual side of the practice and Yoga Dance who want to take their practice off the mat. Read more here.

Nourishing Storm Juice Bar/Cafe

Our first Nourishing Storm Cafe was added to the yoga studio in order to soften the entrance to the yoga studio, but also to provide nutrition that was easy, accessible and fun! All the offerings are functional and customizable based on the customer’s needs. The focus here is to offer local, seasonal, organic and fresh as possible. The menu is made up of whole food smoothies & juices, coffees & teas, salads & sandwiches, soups and healthy bites.

Why a NS Yoga Studio?

Established and trusted name
Pre-designed class formats, workshops & retreats
Over 35 certified NS RYT 200hr teachers
Pre-designed marketing
Expanding social media presence

Why a NS Juice Bar?

This is unique to our industry; Yoga Studios generally do not offer nutrition through juice bars. But the fact is, nutrition is a key component to one’s total health. If you offer this component, your attrition rate is minimized relative to your competition and revenue is increased dramatically! In fact, as we have seen, revenue from a juice bar can match or surpass your memberships!

Turn-key proven proprietary solution that is simple to implement
Menu design and offerings per season
Pre-designed menu tri-folds and advertising
A successful history that is built on a solid foundation
Expertise on selecting the perfect location AND meeting all state health codes and regulations
A system that was built by experienced Juice Bar Consultants that have been in the field for over
20+ years
Tools ensure you will be successful, given all the right tools
Training and support from trusted Consultants in the Industry

Why both?

We believe in the synergy of offering Yoga + Nutrition. After having just the Yoga studio and then adding the cafe, we have seen our business grow 300%. The cafe offers a space for potential students to get to know us and also offerings students a place to get the nutrition they need post-workout/yoga class. We also have the opportunity to offer a true healing space for the mind, body and spirit. We have programs both in the studio and cafe for kids all the way up to seniors. Remember “anyone can yoga” and “we all need a safe haven to come to find balance, flexibility, strength and peace- each prepares us for the storms of life!”

Our Keys to Success

200 Hour Registered Yoga Alliance School with Teachers that have an average of 5 years or more experience: Experienced, passionate teachers leading over 20 classes per week knowing each and every student by wellness goal and name.

Calm Environment: Provide a relaxing, enjoyable environment conducive to providing classes, sessions and a place to purchase nourishing foods and drinks.

Community: Offering the town a place to learn holistic healing modalities and connect with each other.

Convenience: Located right in town for easy access to classes, sessions and quick healthy meals.

Reputation: Credibility, integrity, and 100% dedication to our members health and wellness.

What makes us Different?

We are a community-based company and we believe in whole-foods nutrition and our product line reflects this core belief.

Our Promise

Whether you choose to offer prepared food staples like our sandwiches, salads or wraps, our healthy grab and go snacks or our array of liquid refreshments, we guarantee ALL products to use ingredients that are minimally processed and free of all artificial ingredients and synthetic sweeteners. When your customer walks through your door, everything that he or she buys from you will be 100% natural and real.

Menu Items

Chakra Smoothies & Meal Replacements

We promise that you will never find any sugar laden sorbets, syrupy fruits, nutrient deficient juices, additives, preservatives, artificial colors, synthetic sweeteners or Trans-Fats in any of our smoothies; just whole-food goodness.

When we prepare smoothies at Nourishing Storm, we promise our customers they will receive just the ingredients they asked for designed to help them achieve their Performance & Wellness Goals.  We know you’ll agree… our smoothies are the best you’ve ever had.

Proteins & Core Supplements

Our Proteins and Synergistic Nutritionals are also made from only Natural ingredients; rare in this industry.  They are Free of Lactose, Sugar and Fat.

Proteins – Bio Whey and Plant Protein are both made from the purest form of Proteins – Isolates.  We combine only natural flavors and digestive Enzymes to yield a Nutritional Powerhouse that is the Most Bio-Available anywhere which means your body absorbs virtually all of it.

Core Supplements – We Scientifically and Synergistically combine Herbs, Minerals, Organic Plant Matter and Vitamins to create the most usable form of Nutrients made specifically to enhance specific Performance & Wellness Goals.

Chakra Juices

All the juices have been created based on the chakras as well. Each ingredient of every juice was selected as a result of its color, taste, function and ability to blend well with the other ingredients. Our juices are very refreshing and go great for those looking to detox and for before/after a yoga class.

Prepared Healing Bites & Sips

Seasonal Sandwiches, Salads, Soups, Wraps provide our customers with healthy, nourishing alternatives. Our menu changes seasonal to match the produce we have access to locally but we also have an extensive library of offerings by ingredient that you can offer anytime in the year.

Training & Support

We offer exclusive one-on-one on-site training for all of our NS openings. Trained professionals in both Yoga & Juice Bar Management, Nutrition and Personal Training will visit your site to educate your staff in proper processes, techniques, procedures and nutrition as it relates to your studio, cafe and/or both.

Planning Consults (weeks to months before opening):

Resource gathering
Business Plan review
Introductions to bank, accountant, etc.
Visits to the location
Negotiations with lease/buying space
Meeting with designer to plan out the space
Equipment review + plan

On-site training (days prior to opening)

On-site Juice Bar Setup
Review of Opening and Closing Procedures
Measuring Performance Levels
How to make each Shake
Managing the Studio and/or Juice Bar
Inventory Control review
How to Sell
How to Up-Sell
Nutrition 101- most important of all!


Thriving Yoga Studio:

Weekly Yoga classes
Private Yoga Classes
Group (Themed) Classes
Yoga Specialties – Prenatal, Mommy & Me, Kids, Chair, Senior
Yoga and/or food inspired workshops
Health Coaching-Topics can vary on meal planning, balance at work and home, cultivating healthy relationships, pursuing dreams, healthy living, etc.
Individual/Private health coaching

Cafe & Juice Bar:

Fresh Organic Juices
Organic Smoothies
Organic Coffees & Teas
Fresh salads and wraps
Healthy snacks

Retail items for sale:

NS Apparel, Drinkware & Swag
Unique clothes
Yoga supplies
swiig Protein & Whole Food Supplements
Sun Potions Adaptations
Skin care
Greeting Cards
And so much more!

Additional Services:


Sales Potential

This is unlimited, but here was our growth potential in the first 6 years.

To see more details on each, please email harmony@nourishingstorm.com for an initial consult.

Investments & Requirements

Some franchises require you to have a certain amount of assets as well as liquid funds to purchase a branch. At NS, we simply require a licensee to have the appropriate funding along the passion to create the space and the time to make it all happen- but we make that part easy!

The initial investment will be based on your rental/buying terms as well as your choice to do on the cafe/juice bar design/installation. All of the details for this will be worked out on the business plan (template and planning consult is provided with all NS openings).

Ways to raise funding

There are four ways you can fund a licensed NS Studio and/or Cafe. The first is through the SBA registry. If a business is listed through the SBA, that means the business plan was approved, and you can receive a fast track loan. The second way people get funding is by taking a home equity line of credit. A third option is a Benetrends loan which allows you to use your 401(k) to start a business – penalty-free through ROBS (Rollover for Business Start-Ups). And last but not least, the most attractive option – The National Bank of a family member.

How do I get started?

-Fill out an NS License Application
-Set up a time with Kristin to go over intentions and business planning and FAQ’s
-Plan to spend time at the Hatboro location 1-2 weeks initially
-If approved, we will get started with business plans, funding, finding a space, marketing, etc.

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