Soul Coaching

As women of this new era we often find ourselves stuck, alone, and confused during pivotal times in our lives. Maybe after children, after getting married, after burning out at work. I offer women support in reconnecting to their truest selves, learning how to dream again, and finding their path in life. It is my mission to help you love yourself fully, raise your standards, shed your limitations, and completely upgrade your life. This can be a life overhaul or it can be working through childhood traumas that keep you stuck and manifesting things that you do not want.

My name is Danna Yahav and I am an intuitive life coach specializing in helping women master their own energy and reconnecting to their authentic selves. I use tarot, Human Design, meditation, high level coaching, and other modalities to peel back your layers and help you live your best life ever. I believe we have been put on this planet to be happy, have abundance, and enjoy peace. You deserve it.

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