Spiraling to Wellness

Spiraling to Wellness was born in 2013 as Nourishing Storm was growing its team and community. Owner Kristin Ritter was looking for a way to tie together all of the classes and teachers’ offerings, which led to the idea of having a universal theme for each month. These themes – love, connection, beauty, peace, balance, strength, trust and more – were woven throughout Nourishing Storm’s inspired classes, events, cafe offerings, adventures and stories. There was so much to share that it made sense for Kristin to incorporate these “tools” as we call them into a journal with each chapter focusing on a theme and organized according to three healing principles- awareness, movement and nutrition.

The journals are about cultivating:

– Soulful, delicious living

– Passionate, purposeful work

– Beautiful, meaningful relationships

– The ability to truly savor every moment

Each chapter includes:

– Inspiring quotes

– Stories

– Exercises

– Powerful questions

– Fun food tie-ins

– Yoga poses

– Mantras

…. and so much more!

In March 2018 Spiraling to Wellness was launched featuring the themes:

Clarity – Love – Cleansing – Awaken – Create – Happiness – Release – Exploration – Courage – Peace – Gratitude – Reflection

In May 2019 Spiraling to Wellness Layer II will be out featuring the themes:

Focus – Connection – Beauty – Strength – Enthusiasm  – Presence – Persistence – Power – Balance – Abundance – Resilience – Wisdom


You can purchase a “premium” Spiraling to Wellness Layer 1 NEW EDITION online ($44) at:

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

AND “premium” Spiraling to Wellness Layer 2 online ($44) at:

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

OR pick up either  or both copies of the “workbook” version at Nourishing Storm ($25 for one, $50 for both)- limited time:

Pre-order S2W II

Get S2W I & S2W II  (limited time)

(Spiraling to Wellness Layer 1 can be picked up anytime in the cafe, we will announce when the second book is here for pick up)

To wholesale this book in your shop, please contact Kristin at harmony@NourishingStorm.com.


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