Jun 30th

Spontaneity and Courage

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My dear friend Omer, our very first wellness seeker is a dedicated yogi and pilot.   His secret is this,

“When I have the opportunity to say yes or no, I go for it. Life is too short- you have to live for each moment.”

Upon hearing I was in town 24 hours prior, he took me up in his plane (conveniently parked right outside his home), to tour the San Juan Islands, enjoy some local fish on Roche Harbor and we even stayed for some Yoga in a sculpture garden- absolutely, a beautiful experience. He says he does this all the time, he picks up and takes off, literally, in the pursuit of living a happy and fulfilled life with all those around him. He learned his lesson when his father passed away very young, working most of his life like so many. He is using this life to live the kind of life he imagines and it changes minute by minute, he simply seeks out the opportunities and without hesitation, he is off!

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