May 15th

NS Yogi Student Of The Month- Michelle Raquet

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First of all, I just want to say that I am extremely honored & absolutely surprised that I was chosen to be Yogi of the month by such a great group of humans!


How long have you been practicing yoga?

To be honest, off and on for many years but I was never really steady or very skilled in it until about a year or so ago (but still not exactly skilled – I just know a little more now. I have lots more to learn!). I really only used to use yoga as an additional means of exercise rather than for the benefits it really provided for the body and mind.


How did you find yoga?

So I tried to find something deep and exciting for you guys to read about me  here but couldn’t find anything profound LOL. The reason I love yoga so much is really pretty simple, yoga helps me with anxiety, stress and pain!

Like many people, I have alot of stress and anxiety, as well as sometimes having the tendency to be a little high strung.

About a year ago, I felt like I was struggling even more between the stresses at work, at home, and with worrying about family and friends. I started doing yoga and meditation at Nourishing Storm and it just clicked. I found it helped with some of these feelings the more I did it. It also allowed me to make time for just me, to get out of my head, and to do something that makes me feel good and helps slow my mind down some. I feel yoga makes me a better person because it makes me feel happy, calm, and helps with some of my aches and pains too!


What is your favorite yoga pose?

I like many, but right now I think it’s downward-facing dog. For the longest time I had difficulty with pain in my wrists and hands when doing it. Once I learned how to adjust my shoulders the correct way it was much better. Now it’s one of my resting poses.


What would you say to a student thinking about starting yoga?

I’d tell them it would be the best thing they could ever do for their mind and body. It will make them happier, healthier, and more flexible. Best if all it will help immensely with stress relief. However, they may love it so much that they will become addicted 😉.


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May 15th

Ommm Healing Journey- Trust

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So I guess I wasn’t done forgiving.  I guess all is a lot of forgive.  But somehow I feel I’m getting there.  I forgave because I want to grow and roots that are feeding off of my woundedness will keep me hurting and small.  Forgiveness severs that root and frees that energy to move to a place that offers more nourishment. That is how I found my way finally with forgiveness.  I continue to practice with her daily.


And it was quite the month to take her as my teacher.  Perhaps forgiveness hit hard for some of you this past month as well.  For me, a day is drawing near that looms over so many days before it. And this pain I feel is different than one of injustice though it hardly seems fair.  This needs a different kind of forgiveness. One that pays forward. Forgiving the future, releasing it to form however it may, to work on me however it will.  That kind of forgiveness manifests as trust.


Trust is letting go of worry so I can focus on now.  Tomorrow I have forgiven already so today can have me fully.  That is the lesson Trust has offered me this month. I owe life my all.


Whatever life is going to do, it is going to do.  No matter what will become or be no more in this world, I have faith Love continues in us all.  I forgive what may darken my tomorrows in advance, so that I am free to give more of myself over to the Love that can brighten my now.  Whatever may happen next, if it is good, I trust that Love is never ending and will continue to flow. If it is bad, I trust that Love is never ending and will continue to flow.  I forgive, I trust so I am free to love more.

“Ultimate freedom has nothing to do with your life circumstances – it is the freedom of allowing the self to dissolve into the waves of the ocean. It is the freedom that is born through one’s absolute trust in life.” ― Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys: 55~ The Music of Change


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Apr 24th

NS Yogi Of The Month- Sarah Holesworth

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How long have you been practicing yoga? I attended yoga classes at different studios and did some in-home practicing off and on for the past 5 years but have been consistently practicing for a year.
How did yoga find you? I was searching for a way to try and heal emotionally and physically from an infertility diagnosis and couldn’t find anything that seemed to make a difference. I decided to try Mindy’s Yoga Calm class one morning and it was really the first step in a life changing journey for me.
What is your favorite yoga pose? I love tree. When I saw it done, I thought it would be effortless but it challenges me every time. I also think there is something very beautiful about humble warrior.
What would you say to a student thinking about starting yoga? What are you waiting for?!? When I leave a class at Nourishing Storm, I feel physically strong but mentally full of peace. I am so much more attuned to the simple beauties of the world. I wish I could bottle that feeling and share it with everyone.
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Apr 10th

Yogi Staff Of The Month- Deg Avtar

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~How did yoga find you?

I found Yoga, or as one may say, Yoga found me when I was in a very challenging point in my life and I was really questing the meaning of life and what is my purpose. After seeking for guidance and attending different seminars about transformation, I met a man that was very different. I was very intrigued by him and was interested in what he was up to. He invited me to his studio he guided me through a yoga class and I was blown away, I was home, and the rest is history.


~How long have you been practicing yoga?
I have been devoted to the practice of yoga for a solid 6 years now.


~How long have you worked for NS?
I have been apart of the N.S. Family for just over a year now and I am so grateful.


Three essential ways you take care of yourself?

Three essential ways I take care of myself is meditation, nutrition, and clothing. Every single day no matter what I do my daily meditation, ideally first thing in the morning. I sit with myself, I tune in and connect to my true identity, and I quality myself, I set the tone for the day; who I want to be, what I want to be up to, how I want to be seen, how I want to carry myself, what type of impact I want to have, what new challenges I want to take on, etc… Nutrition is key! As they say, 75% of your webbing is based on your nutrition, and are made in the kitchen! Two staples to my first I would like to share is 16oz of celery juice every morning on an empty belly, and also wild blueberries, which are great in smoothies. Lastly my clothing, the clothing I choose to wear is how I express myself. And it is import to me to wear all natural clothing that is good for my energy, and the clothing I choose to wear represent the identity I am choosing for myself.


Where is your favorite place to be?

With all honestly my favorite place to be is in Aquarian sadhana at my teachers home in San Diego. Aquarian sadhana is a early morning devotional practice with prayer, yoga, meditation and chanting. My teacher has been holding this special practice in his home every morning beginning at 3:50 am. When living in San Diego I attended every morning for 2 years and went through so much healing and cultivated a deeper understanding of truth.


What is a goal you hope to accomplish this year?

In this next year what I hope to accomplish is to create financial prosperity. To do what it is I absolutely love and be able to thrive from it. Which is serving people by sharing the teachings and creating clothing, sacred clothing inspired by the cultures that came before us and to evolve their ideas.


We love you, Deg!


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Apr 10th

Ommm Healing Journey- Forgive

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It’s not surprising to me I’m running late on forgiveness.  Seems like a recurring theme in my life. I suppose it is in everyone’s lives in some way.

I was good at holding grudges.  I still am really but I’ve been working on that.  I am really good at remembering grievances. And I had to learn to forgive.  I have so much more living to do and as more living gets behind me, I find some big wounds of yesterday are mere scratches.  And I need to stop picking the scabs and keeping them unhealed.

But sometimes I have a “day”.  And I find myself dipping back in.  Looking for the scars. Looking for things from my past to help fuel some anger of the moment.  I’ve learned to recognize those “days” early. And every time I dip down, I try to change the frequency.  Put on some Marley. “Are you picking up now?”  Zone in on my breath.  Look out a window at the sky.  Ctrl+Alt+Del my sensory system for a second so I can remember I forgave that mess a while back.  I’ve forgiven it all. Mostly because I realize I can’t get higher if I keep going back to it.

The itchiest wounds are the ones I gave myself.  Because I know I’m still in there. The one that can screw up bigtime.  But there’s a new me I’m getting to know who knows how to talk to her. And taught the angry, vengeful me how to chill out.  And I gotta say, life is good.

And yes, I have scars that will always pain me when it rains.  That’s a different forgiveness I’m still learning my way with. It’s the kind of forgiveness that I had to rehabilitate my faith to find.  Forgiveness for things that just kind of happened. Forgiving life for being so very uncontrollable. For all the ways life knocks us around.  That kind of forgiveness is a practice. That is getting back up and staying open to life. It is developing an invincible vulnerability, so powerful the grace of forgiveness.

So everyday I live life as it hits and I forgive myself and the world. Every. Day.  And as part of the bargain, for a truly sustainable forgiveness practice, I have to try to do better.  Every. Day. I have to do my best each day as it comes. So far I’m finding that while forgiveness doesn’t bring justice, doesn’t correct mistakes or reconcile differences, it brings me a a lot closer to those ends than anger, guilt and shame.  Without forgiveness opening my heart, I don’t know that I could understand the heart’s true capacity for love. So I accept that forgiveness is just an ongoing thing that will forever be working on me. I mean, so many textures to all of life’s experiences in this ever evolving world; a world we are all here trying to figure out.  Yeah, I forgive you. I forgive me. I forgive us all. Now let’s do better.

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