Nov 24th

What we love most about the holiday season …

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We thought we would conclude our year of getting to know each instructor with sharing a little bit about our favorite part of the holiday season. We wish you and yours all the best as you enjoy all your favorite parts, each moment an opportunity to savor.

Photo credit: Joe Longo Photography

Photo credit: Joe Longo Photography


Watching children’s faces light up in wonder and delight, cooking in a warm kitchen surrounded by loved ones and connecting with others- whether it be simply spending time together or giving a little something to show you truly see and recognize their light and in turn, they see yours too- the best gift you can ever receive!


My favorite part of the holiday season is taking part in many traditions passed on from grandparents to me. Things like baking cookies to making the perfect fudge to eating a traditional Christmas Eve dinner. Even better now, my husband and I get to create our own little traditions to pass on!


Christmas and the holiday season means giving to me. When you give to others (in any form) from the love in your heart you not only provide another with a blessing, something beautiful happens ~ you become that love! Once you feel the warmth of that flame in your heart you will always be able to light the flame of the magical meaning of Christmas.


My favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with family, delicious holiday dinners and taking the time to reflect with gratitude.


I just like that people are nicer to each other during the holidays. I wish we could have that spirit all year.


My favorite part of the holiday season is looking at all the holiday decorations. When I was young, my mother used to take us into the city and drive us around different neighborhoods in the evenings to see the decorations. It was a great way to spend time with the family and celebrate the season.


My favorite thing about the holidays is buying and making gifts for friends and family!


Love to all this Holiday Season,

The Nourishing Storm Team

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