Jul 30th

Healing Journey: Freedom – None but Ourselves

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Freedom cannot be given to you and neither can be it be taken away. It isn’t a right or a privilege. It cannot be granted. Not true freedom.

True freedom has nothing to do with politics, religion or money though there are some who may hope we believe it does. Holding on to true freedom in this world requires a constant bravery. Exercising true freedom requires a commitment to truth and integrity. And understanding true freedom requires a deep reverence for all life and a deep respect for ourselves. Freedom cannot be bought or sold, it cannot be taught or learned. But like all precious Truths, freedom must be realized.

In the discovery that we are each our own, we find our freedom. When we realize we are not like anyone else and our freedom will not look like anyone else’s. When we understand that we are under no obligation to be anything but ourselves. That is freedom. An empowering freedom, because it is completely our own. No one can take it. And no one can wake us up to it and bring us to our fullest potential, though some may feel more powerful if we stay asleep.

When we realize our freedom lies within and we open up to it, we open to the true power of being ourselves. The power in being willing to follow our hearts and souls through this life. When we are not preoccupied with others’ perceptions or judgements we can be fully occupied with our own inspiration and imagination. And suddenly, our whole world may change. For true freedom lives where the liberated mind and courageous heart unite.

If, right now, you feel alone and unfree, if you have not discovered your freedom, I beg you to look again. In some place deep within your boundless soul, you know you are your own. Maybe it was hidden away, maybe you let it slip or maybe you were told it does not exist for you. But it is there. This untouchable place where you know you are whole and you are enough. That you are the stars. It is there. Look. Within you.

When you find it, you will know that all that has happened to you, all that has been taken from you, all that you have survived, my dear, is all just part of your story. And if or when you have fear for what comes next, remember it is you who holds the pen. It is you with your own heart and your own mind that decides how your story goes. When you remember this superpower of yours, sweet darling, you will be free.

Nikki is a Mother, Wife, Healer, Hopeful Suburban Homesteader acknowledges words are her mind’s tools; writing her soul’s craft; and this circus of life her heart’s muse. Read more from Nikki here on her blog, The Way I Bee. Nikki’s massage therapy and energy healing, including reiki/cranio with some spontaneous journey work, are part of the offerings at Nourishing Storm Wellness Company.

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Jul 1st

Healing Journey: Shine – Angels and Ancestors

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I find myself drawn to the ancestral knowledge of this Earth and the divine inspiration of the Winds. I find my balance there. I find my integrity.

I look to the wisdom of traditions, find the common Truths of the stories we’ve all been told. And I trust these Truths like I do the stars, like a compass. Then I lick my finger and feel the winds to see which way the energy is flowing. I seek to strengthen my mind, free my imagination and deepen my faith every day. My way is made as I go.

All of our ancestors told the same tales at their most basic level. Common threads. Of Love and Truth and Light. And the universe tells us we are on the right path with little coincidences that we feel in our heart and gut as inspired moments. We were given the tools and the challenges to help us get into our own. To be our own best. We just forget our lessons sometimes.

So here is another story. One from my imagination. It blew in on the latest breeze. An interpretation of an old story and my latest experience of its Truth:

Here, in this world, life started as Light. Everything else manifested from this Light. And it was good. We came to this world as our own unique vibration. An extension, in the image, of the Divine. The price of coming to this place to help in its evolution is the knowledge of good and evil. But it wasn’t a knowledge of right or wrong. It was a knowledge of the best and worst that we are capable of. A knowledge of joy and a knowledge of pain. That is the price of this existence, of life. We get to bring to this world our own particular vibration that can only be shared when we are true to ourselves, true to the love within us. All the while our sensory bodies must endure the experiences of this place that make it ugly and beautiful. Each sensory body must accept its own ugliness and beauty too. Our experience of all these energies can enslave us to Fear or free us through Love. Our choice. Our will. Our experience. Our life.

No more waiting now my dear. We were born from Light. We were made to shine.

“The whole planet Earth shines with exactly the same radiance, and I am a part of it, and it is a part of me. And I know it is all temporary. Earth has given me a vehicle for staying on it, and I am beyond the vehicle.” – Yogi Bhajan​, The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan: The Power of the Spoken Word

Nikki is a Mother, Wife, Healer, Hopeful Suburban Homesteader acknowledges words are her mind’s tools; writing her soul’s craft; and this circus of life her heart’s muse. Read more from Nikki here on her blog, The Way I Bee. Nikki’s massage therapy and energy healing, including reiki/cranio with some spontaneous journey work, are part of the offerings at Nourishing Storm Wellness Company.

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Jun 27th

Shining with love, hope and light!

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A little over a year ago I walked into Nourishing Storm during a very sad time in  my life.  I was 33 years old, newly diagnosed with breast cancer and recovering from a bilateral mastectomy. My hope was that yoga might help with my recovery, especially the newly acquired stiffness in my arms and chest.  Little did I know, that day was the very first step on my new path to much more than just physical recovery. After a health and wellness consultation with Kristin and reading many books she recommended, I realized that I was looking at cancer and life in general in the wrong light. Practicing yoga and meditation has helped me clear my mind and trust my intuition while building my confidence.  Since that first step was taken, I have been on a holistic journey with yoga as my foundation and I couldn’t be more grateful for all of the amazing people at Nourishing Storm that have walked this path with me!  Fast forward to a year later and my life is simply amazing as my husband and I are expecting our first baby!  8 months pregnant and I’m still strong enough to do not only one, but three chaturangas!  Yoga has pulled me out of my comfort zone and onto a beautiful new path that shines with love, hope and light!

– Aracelis

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Jun 16th

Watermelon Salad

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Today we are talking Watermelon! Watermelon is one of those “super fruits”, there is so many benefits there’s too many to list!

Benefits of Watermelon:

– High in Antioxidants
– Helps lower Blood Pressure: Hypertension, or high blood pressure, is the most common condition seen in primary care and commonly leads to heart attacks, strokes, and other fatal diseases if untreated. Clinical trials have shown that supplementation with watermelon and watermelon juices can actually reduce your aortic blood pressure and may even provide cardio protection to keep your heart healthy and working smoothly
– Helps Detox the Kidneys: There’s an abundant supply of calcium and potassium, each of which contribute to helping flush out the toxins in the kidneys
– Cancer Fighting: Lycopene, found in Watermelon, is a dietary component that seems to interfere with the numerous stages in the development of cancer. With the incredible antioxidant potential and the impact of lycopene, all factors make this amazing fruit an even better cancer-fighting food.
– Weight Loss
– Healthy Bones, Skin & Hair

When shopping for watermelon:

– Choose fruit with the deepest color of flesh and without any white streaking
– If the seeds are visible (pre-cut), make sure they are also deep in color or white
– Heavy watermelon means more water, which means the fruit is riper.
– Knocking on the watermelon can also tell you whether or not the watermelon is satisfactory. A fully ripened watermelon should have a deep, hollow sound when you knock on it rather than a solid, shallow sound.

Watermelon Salad Recipe:
4 cups of fresh watermelon, cubed
1 cup of feta, cubed or crumbled
Handful of chopped mint
2 Tbsp of olive oil
1/2 a lime, juiced
Sea salt and black pepper to taste

1. Start by removing the skin of the watermelon and the seeds & cut into small cubes and place in a salad bowl
2. Cut the feta into similar sized cubes and add to the watermelon
3. Chop the fresh mint into small pieces and sprinkle over the salad
4. In a small bowl, combine the olive oil, lime, sea salt and black pepper
5. Pour over the watermelon salad before serving and gently toss to coat the salad evenly
6. Serve immediately or cover and store in the refrigerator until serving

– instead of dressing from above use a balsamic glaze
– make it a meal and top it on arugula or spinach
– add nut of your choice for added crunch
– top with some fresh basil!!

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Jun 1st

Utthita Tadasana – Five-Pointed Star Pose

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Five-Pointed Star Pose is an active, invigorating yoga pose that energizes the body and improves posture, bringing balance in all areas of your life. Its open stance feels expansive, and it is often considered to be a pose that brings joy and allows the heart to shine! Practicing this pose on a regular basis will bring poise, strength, and equanimity to your everyday routine! You can practice Star Pose anytime you need an extra burst of openness and joy!


1.Begin standing in Mountain Pose (Tadasana) at the top of your mat with your arms at your sides. Bring your hands to rest comfortably on your hips.

2. Turn to the right and step your feet wide apart. Turn your toes out slightly, so they point to the corners of your mat.

3. Extend your arms out to the sides at shoulder-height with your palms facing forward. Your feet and wrists should be about the same distance apart; adjust your stance if needed.

4. Press down through your heels and straighten your legs fully, but do not lock or hyperextend your knees. Ground your feet firmly into the earth, pressing evenly across all four corners of both feet.

5. Tuck in your tailbone slightly, but don’t round your lower back. Lift the back of your thighs, but release your buttocks.

6. Bring your pelvis to its neutral position. Do not let your front hip bones point down or up. Instead, point them straight forward. Draw your belly in slightly.

7. As you inhale, elongate through your torso. Exhale and release your shoulder blades away from your head.

8. Spread your fingers and reach out strongly through your fingertips.

9. Broaden across your collarbones.

10. Elongate your neck. Your ears, shoulders, and hips should all be in one line.

11. Keep your breath smooth and even. With each exhalation, feel your body elongating in all directions: Up, down, left, right, forward, and backward. Softly gaze forward toward the horizon. Hold the pose for up to one minute, and then release your arms to your sides and step your feet back together at the top of your mat in Mountain Pose.


– stretches and lengthens the body in all directions at once
– improve posture and reduce back and shoulder pain
– strengthens the legs, ankles, abdomen, and back
– reduce the effects of sciatica and flat feet
– improves circulation and respiration
– relieve stress and improve concentration

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